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I am looking at a number of new vehicles for my wife, and due to her ability to get lost on a regular basis I am looking seriously at SatNav systems.

It is extremely difficult to find comparisons of different models and even more difficult to find out who supplies the mapping information to the manufacturers.

I am therefore thinking of setting up a web-site aimed at providing a forum for existing users and advice to would be purchasers. What little information I have got from the Net suggests that mapping accuracy is the Achilles heel.

If anyone has information on the mapping software or is willing to provide me with their experiences, I would be very grateful.

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This pdf file takes an age to open but it gives a lot of information you may find useful:

I have only just upgraded my Destinator software and maps to the latest versions but it seems fine so far - and a useful improvement over the originals.

I have it running on an iPaq 3850 with a 128MB SD card, which gives enough memory for the whole of GB to street level. Cost is about £240, plus the iPaq and SD card if you haven't got these already.

I'd be happy to participate in your forum if you set one up but it might be better to chat here first to see how much interest there is. And maybe HJ might like to participate too if he's tested any SatNav equipment recently!

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Three of my friends have satnavs. The only time they used them is for the month after they got their toy syndrome.

But they are not a complete waste of money. I would consider buying a new car with a satnav only because it may improve the resale value. Otherwise they are a complete waste of time and money. Unless you are continually driving to places you never visited before.
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Another angle might be that SatNav can bring added functions : in the MINI, there's an option to play DVD's on the screen IIRC.

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I think there is a gps forum on Yahoo.
(I haven't had any problems with the siemens satnav in the Omega - I don't use it much, but SWBO does and it certainly avoids the need for me to accompany her on every new trip.
Also was great at guiding me through Paris whilst SWBO snoozed (instead of getting stressed out and stressing me out attempting to navigate).
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I've got a sat nav system in one car (the original Lexus LS400 one which needs updating with newer software) and a Garmin Streetpilot III.

I've used both extensively. If you only ever drive in the area you live then there's no point but they're excellent in UK cities I do not know or abroad. I've used the Garmin to find my way around San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, various UK cities (including parts of London which I think I know but often turn out not to!), Dusseldorf, Koln amongst others. It's great to just be able to pick up a hire car at an airport in a strange city, bung the Garmin on the dash and have it take me straight to my hotel.

Neither system is perfect and you need to get to know their faults to be able to use them properly but I wouldn't want to be without one.
SatNav Systems - PST
I do a daily commute 50 miles each way around the M25 - I know the way and don't use the SatNav (same as Clear Spot's). However, it comes into it's own when there's a pile up on the motorway. The TrafficMaster warns you in advance of the delay and then you tell the SatNav that the road is blocked from junction x to y and to avoid motorways.

It's taken me through A roads and backroads and almost without fail got me either to the office or further down the motorway past the prang.

All routes that I wouldn't have a clue existed without the SatNav.

The other great feature is locating petrol stations when you're running low and don't know where you are.

It has it's foibles but I wouldn't want to be without it.
SatNav Systems - smokie
PST what product do you have? I'd heard that some were not too strong on re-routing.


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