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Please take the time to read this as im desperate for some help.

I have a peugeot 307 hdi xsi 136 bhp on a 06 reg. I foolishly lent it to a friend who accidentally filled it up with petrol and then continued to drive it without realising. After cleaning the fuel out and refilling with fresh fuel the car still would not start, and even after towing to attempt to bump start it still would not start.

The Cat was replaced, the injectors were replaced and the DPF filter was cleaned through with a jet wash and then with DPF cleaner. The car still would not start. The EGR valve was a pain to get to but when removed was completely blocked. A new one was fitted and it appeared the problem had been solved. I paid the mechanic and then drove the car home.

On the journey home the depollution fault occured again and the car jolted but then revs picked back up, the fault went out and ther car drove fine. Just before the end of the 15 minute journey the car stalled at a set of lights. After some time it eventually restarted and continued the extra mile or so home. Once arriving home it would not start.

Around an hour later the car started fine with no problems and I took it for another test drive. Again 10 minutes into a journey the car stalled when revs dropped. However when you bumped the car it started fine and drove fine. I drove a 50mile motorway trip to try and run any remains of poor fuel through and had a wyns fuel cleaner in it.

The problem has not been resolved. When the car get up to running temperature the car will stall unless the accelerator is depressed. As you may guess this makes usual journeys very difficult as I have to attempt to brake while keeping revs up so as to not to stall, unless of course im on a hill and can bump the car.

After two different mechanics looking at it no answers can be found. No errors are recorded and the car drives perfectly while running and after being bumped just will not idle when hot.

Has anybody has the same problems and could put me into the right direction as to what it is. My next step would be to replace the fuel pump but it is costly and cant be returned so if it doesnt solve the problem im further out of pocket.

Many Thanks

Peugeot 307 2. 0 HDI Xsi 136 - PEUGEOT 307 HDI HOT STALLING? - dieselnut

Suspect that the pump probably is your problem. The fuel is less viscus when hot & at tickover the pump may not be delivering enough pressure. But you need to get a diagnostic first to make sure that is the fault. You need to find a diesel specialist who has the diagnostic equipment for this car. As you say, the pump is an expensive part & don't want to replace when there could be other causes.

Peugeot 307 2. 0 HDI Xsi 136 - PEUGEOT 307 HDI HOT STALLING? - unthrottled

Sounds like it. The injectors were probably ok and the problem lies with the pump.

Ditto DPF and EGR. Neither would be affected by petrol.

Peugeot 307 2. 0 HDI Xsi 136 - PEUGEOT 307 HDI HOT STALLING? - hardway

Have to agree with dieselnut on this one,what most people don't realise is the internals of the pump,which are machined to VERY close tolerances,are lubricated with the fuel oil itself!

Petrol is no substitute for oil.

I'd be interested to see a 'scope graph of the fuel pressure when it stalls,as stated by dieselnut,time for a specialist.

I had a similar fault on a 206,same engine,would only start on a tow,never going to get fixed so I pulled the high pressure pump apart,the piston/bore of the pump were full of rust!!

One last thing,I have had a couple of these that had injectors fail only when they got hot enough,once cold they started on the key,hot?massive leak back.never did get to the bottom as the injector/s were returned,so anybody's guess,micro cracks?


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