Used car warranty - neil 1
I have a fiesta which I bought from a dealer who is of reasonable size but independant. I am not sure if i got a 1 month or 3 month warranty! I have had the car just over 1 month and found out today from Ford main dealer that i need a new ABS sensor (Well done and thanks JamesH, HJ technical, 7/1/2003). The problem as only just recently occurred. Should this be covered by a warranty? Is it simply wear and tear? I know warranties vary depending on dealer. I am sure mine is only the absolute minimum in line with sale of goods act. I am sure these warranties only cover major disasters.
Used car warranty - Humpy
Most likely if you have an insurance based policy , they will argue that it is wear and tear. As far as I remember they won't fund labour taken to diagnose the problem so that may be money lost anyway.

But get this for perversity - Father's 4 year old Jag needs a new throttle computer which Warranty direct will not replace since they argue it's wear and tear, on the other hand in the first month of ownership of my, then, 5 year old ZX they agreed to fund the replacement of a rusty radiator. Who worked that out??
Used car warranty - m
can u tell me how u got on?
I bought a 4x4 ford maverick from an independant garage less than 1 month ago - i have just had to replace the whole exhaust.
It was 204.00 just sent the receipt to the dealer and hoping he will cough up.
It was obviously a patched up job before I bought it as the damage never could have happened since I have had it.
Do you think he will stump up, or is the warranty worthless?
Used car warranty - ShereKhan
I bought a Rover 214 SEi from a dealer a few years ago. I made them stump up for a few repairs.

In the first few days the brakes started to squeal. So I demanded new discs and pads.

After a month the clutch packed up. They changed the clutch and flywheel at their expense.

Then after two months the coolant rail broke. I took it to another garage to get it repaired. Got told that it wasn't covered under their warranty. But I managed to get them to pay half the bill - even though they didn't do the job. However they then told me they would not cover any more work that wasn't covered under warranty!

This was a car from a Rover main dealer with a Rover warranty.
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Used car warranty - teabelly
Things have recently changed so under european consumer legislation anything that goes wrong with the car that wasn't blindingingly obvious in the first 6 months has to be fixed by the dealer as it is assumed that the fault was there at the time of purchase. It is up to the dealer to prove it wasn't there when you bought it. The abs sensor would certainly be covered under this and as it is a safety related item then the dealer should fix it asap. If they get sniffy then talk to your local trading standards.

Used car warranty - m
this is really interesting
i havehad ny 4x4 less than one month
just replaced all exhaust 204.00
sent receipt to dealer hoping he will stump up with no hassle.
it is a small indepandant garage -
thanks for the info
Used car warranty - Obsolete
Warranties usually list parts not covered such as brakes, brake disks and so on.
Used car warranty - Aprilia
This is not a warranty issue.

Under EU law a vehicle purchased since end of March is implicitly guaranteed against non-obvious defects, which could be present at time of purchase, for approx. 6 months from time of purchase.
Used car warranty - Obsolete
Blimey an EC law that is helpful and sensible. Three must be a catch? So this law covers any trade sale of a used car then?

I dount that Dodgy Dave's User Car Emporium et al will be celebrating.
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Hi Leif

Don't worry about Dodgy Dave's Used Car Emporium Ltd....or is it Dodgy Dave's Super Used Car Emporium Ltd this month...oh no I forgot it Dodgy's Used Car Emporium (UK) Ltd now...

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I believe he prefers "Dynamic" to "Dodgy" these days.
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You been sniffing the Vodka again?

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