opening orion - dominic clegg
I have a ford orion 1.6 ghia injection 1989 that has central locking.
when I lock the doors with the key they lock and then immediately reopen.
This problem seemed to be on the drivers door only at first,so when i could not lock the doors from the drivers side i just used the passenger side to lock them.
I therefor presumed it was the drivers side at fault, but the problem now seems to occur on the passenger side also.
can anybody help please.

thanks D Clegg
Door Switches - David Lacey
Dominic - It is probably the key barrel switches playing up, they cause us untold problems on ANY Escort/Orion we have the pleasure in selling!!
Easy to identify - just remove the door trim panel and they are on the back of the door locks - replace them don't bother cleaning them, it just doesn't work!

Re: Door Switches - John Slaughter

Had exactly the same problem on a Fiesta.

Problem was faulty door lock switches - the water had got in and corroded them. Dead easy to replace once the door trim is off.



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