New Ford for the compost heap - Dude - {P}
I see Ford exhibited a Model U vehicle at the Detroit Motor Show, which they claim no part of the vehicle, would ever end up in a landfill site. Many of the plastics used being soy based, rather than conventional petroleum based plastics, which can be composted when the vehicle is eventually scrapped.!! Should be just the thing to grow a few spuds in the allotment!!!
New Ford for the compost heap - cockle {P}
Ford are a bit behind the times I'm afraid.
Back in the mid-Seventies a fellow worker had a Morris Traveller, it got so damp in the back in the autumn that he had a crop of mushrooms growing out of the woodwork. He said they were mushrooms but we never plucked up the courage to actually eat them!! Morris had developed a car that could feed you as well as get you from A to B (most of the time).
When the car finally 'died' he took a torch to the body and made quite a useful cold frame out of it, it used to 'bring on' the tomato plants a treat.



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