MOT rules for rear lights - maniac
Hi, i'm new to the site so am not sure if this should have been posted in the technical queries page but here goes...

I am considering swapping my rear cluster lights on my civic to some aftermarket lexus style lights. I know there are certain things that MOT testers will fail you on (ie red indicators etc.)but wanted to make sure what all the specific tests are. The clusters i know have fog lights and orange bulb indicators behind a clear lens. Is there any other requirements they have to have? I know the clusters are not 'E' marked. Is this a big problem?

Any advice would be great.
MOT rules for rear lights - Doc
Have a look at the MOT site
It is very informative and should have the answers you are seeking.
MOT rules for rear lights - DavidHM
You'd still run the risk of being pulled by the police, but...

... if you just swapped the originals back in for the MoT, you'd be guaranteed a pass. Not that I'd condone such behaviour, of course.
MOT rules for rear lights - maniac
If the police were to stop me (in regards to the rear lights)what would they be looking for? What is the criteria they are checking against?

I know swapping the lights back is the obvious thing to do but just want to be clued up before i decide to purchase, and what the implications are if i was pulled by the cops.
MOT rules for rear lights - Dwight Van Driver

use Keyword:

Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989

This should pull out the legal requirements in respect of
vehicle lighting that Plod abides by. Read too the various Shedules.



MOT rules for rear lights - Flat in Fifth

hmmm, enjoy....not quite the word I'd have used DVD.

Perhaps we ought to warn folks to buy a bottle of paracetamol before they start reading RVLR 1989....;-)
MOT rules for rear lights - terryb
Sorry, but someone has to ask...

Why on earth would you want to do this anyway?

MOT rules for rear lights - Phil I
different strokes for different folks Terry!!!

Happy Motoring Phil I
MOT rules for rear lights - terryb
I know Phil - just trying to understand that's all. And I'd be eternally grateful if anyone can answer the follow-up question so I can understand:

Purple lights on washer jets - why?


MOT rules for rear lights - Phil I
Purple lights :- They look pretty. I suspect Growler has some export agency in Manila which is shipping these things to UK !!!

Happy Motoring Phil I
MOT rules for rear lights - volvoman
If doing this amounts to an automatic MOT failure I'd avoid it at all costs. What'll your insurers do if you're unlucky enough to be involved in a serious accident and they find out your lights are illegal ?
MOT rules for rear lights - maniac
I can safely say i won't be purchasing washer jet lights!

The reason i was going to swap is i really like the look of some of the lexus style lights that you can get. I don't think though i am prepared to get some that will fail an MOT though, hence i wanted to find out what requirements were needed to pass an MOT. I am reluctant to believe a lot of the adverts i see saying they are "Legal" when some are clearly not. The fact that these products are for sale and people buy them also confuses me, so i wanted to know how people claim to pass their MOTs while having them fitted.


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