LS400 rear hub bushes - steve71
Does any one know of a bush stockist/manufacture (thats automotive bushes) , lexus LS400 rear hubs have a lower bush that knocks out, quite common.Its a peice of cake to remove but lexus only supply it with the hub (£160+VAT)new hub dose not come with a wheel bearing (another (£150+VAT)so thats a total of £364,25 per side with out the job of fitting !!!
They do how ever sell the bush to the arm that connects to it for only £14 that is the same design but is slightly larger in diameter.i know whati think rip of B******S !! any comments.
any tips !!
LS400 rear hub bushes - teabelly
Powerflex might make a bush of the right size. It is possible that another toyota model shares the same assembly and may have the parts available separately or have them for a more reasonable price. An independant motor factor would know for sure.
LS400 rear hub bushes - the conductor
Try ADL blueprint they seem to do a lot of odd jap parts.
they are in marden kent. (sorry cant find number in phone book}


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