Citroen Xsara 1.4 manual - Marie Holme
I bought a new Xsara in September,200. Over the past few months the engine keeps cutting out, generally when decelerating. It has been back to the Main Agents on four separate occasions and has had a new Manifold Sensor fitted and later a new "Oxy" Sensor fitted but this has had no effect. The worshop's computer reveals that there is nothing wrong. Yesterday this fault very nearly caused me to have a serious accident when joining a by-pass from a slip-road.
The car is going back to the Main Agent from whom I purchased the car next week.and I would welcome any advice on whether anyone else has experienced the same problem
Re: Citroen Xsara 1.4 manual - Bobby
It sounds like a loose connection somewhere, it also sounds like the garage is hopeless, try taking it to another garage.
Re: Citroen Xsara 1.4 manual - Carole Adams
Marie: I have posted before about the many problems I have had with my Xsara VTR, one of which was repeated cutting out, also when decelerating (except once on the open road in fifth and being tailgated by some lunatic) and which like yours never showed up on the computer. I do know of at least one other owner who had the same problem: hers (also on a VTR) was a wiring fault which the garage cured. Eventually, after 10 months and many visits to the garage for this and (mainly) airbag faults, a strong letter to Citroen UK and the advice from them that this was a fault peculiar to some VTRs for which a new CD download was available, it was finally cured (only to do it twice more, due to a blown gasket - not mine! - and unrelated they said to the original fault. Just bad luck I think - being charitable.) I am happy to report that it is now running well but it took me a while before I trusted it - I got used to holding my breath every time I performed the manouvre which usually caused it! Good luck!

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