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I have a mk 1 golf 1.5 automatic. It's a 1979 model. Problem is that the car stalls when it comes to a halt. This is only a problem in the first few minutes of driving. It restarts with no problem and then never cuts out once warmed up. I had the car serviced and had the carb cleaned. The problem has improved but it is still vulnerable to stalling (ONLY when halting, say at a rounabout or traffic lights) when cold. Can anyone help?
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if your car is fitted with the 2b2 carb these car be unreliable.
i would say that these are the effects of carb icing. check warm air pipe from manifold to airbox is these a1? also check thermovalve in side of airbox which operates the warm air flap. these tend to clog and not operate the warm air flap when needed.
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Whenever any of these carbs runs badly , is it always down to icing?
golf stalling problems - simonsmith473©
If it only happens when cold then maybe the choke is faulty. Carb icing? I think it would probably stall all the time when hot or cold.
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Not for the first time on this board, I offer the following possibility:

I had a persistent cool-running problem with the Audi 100 that I sold a while ago. It surged and stalled, sometimes in dangerous circumstances. None of the Audi main dealers who serviced it regularly over most of its 10-year life with me solved the problem, which was almost certainly attributable to coking up because of short-trip usage. I did solve it finally, with VAG's own fuel additive (part number G 001 700 03), which eliminated the problem overnight and thereafter gave me first-feather-touch-of the-key starting as well. I've sworn by it ever since and it's cheaper than the stuff you can get from accessories shops.
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Check the fuse which controls the fuel pump (or was it the fuel cut off valve?). I had similar prob with Polo, which stalled in 1st and 2nd, especially when cold, due to vibrations wobbling a loose fuse. I have no idea which one it is as the very nice man from the RAC fixed it for me when I couldn't get the thing to run long enough to drive home. Simple to check and make sure all fuses are tight.
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It's possibly 10 yrs since I looked at one of these VW 1500s but I'm sure they were fitted with a similar single choke Pierburg (1B2 or 1B3??) carb to the 1050cc Polos of the early 80s.

The last one I serviced was a manual Jetta but I'm sure the auto Golf would be almost the same apart from perhaps some jet size variations.

I can't think this would have had fuel injection, sure that was reserved for the GTi those days.

First thing is that you have to be sure the engine condition and tune is spot on. It is quite easy to stall a small auto when cold. Does it only stall when in Drive and halted on the brake?

I think these engines were prone to burning out inlet valves and this could make them die more easily when pulling against the auto box at idle.

NB: Everything below assumes I was right about the carb type.

Check the hot air intake as mentioned in above posts. I'm sure this car will have an electrical manifold heater (hedgehog) plus possibly also an electrical throtttle body heater on the carb. Are these fitted and working?

Is it stalling while still on choke? If so the normal idle speed setting might not be causing it but anyway I would set it to 850-900rpm.

The fast idle can be adjusted with a screw (independent of the choke flap position) and it is possible to up the fast idle while on choke if appropriate.

Does it sound like it is over-choked when it stalls? There is a slightly complicated vacuum choke "pull-down" system that prevents flooding at idle when on choke. If this wasn't operating I could imagine problems.

Hope there is something in there to start you thinking.


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I had the exact same problem with a 92 primera, dip clutch to change down approaching a island and the car just stopped dead,(all dash lit up, engine stopped) but bump started straight away when lifting up the clutch, dealer changed ECU.
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Another carb icing VW.

Check the warm air intake pipe between exhaust manifold and air filter housing. If intact (it usually splits or drops off)check that the vacuum operated flap inside housing is operating.


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