Diagnostics on Fiat. - Pete
Have recently purchased a S/H diagnostic tester, product of a well known UK manufacturer, for use on small Fiats 92 onwards.
I am having some difficulty obtaining the required pod and lead to go with it.

I now have two persons telling me not to waste my time with the unit because it is so unreliable as to be practically useless when attempts are made to use it on Panda/Uno/Cinc and MK1 Punto.

Can anyone offer further confirmation on this question please, before I waste any more money ?

I do not wish to mention the manufacturers name on a public forum and will be happy to receive direct replies ( in strictest confidence ) on petel@clara.co.uk

Please note, I am private, no connection with motor trade.
Thank you.
Diagnostics on Fiat. - Pete
Diagnostics on Fiat. - Pete
How about it folks ?


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