New car dilema - Crombster
I have had my heart set on changing my aging V6 Omega for a 2.4T or T5 S60 for quite a while now. I decided to wait until this summer for financial reasons however my attention was grabbed by a seemingly good deal on Friday.

2002 SJ52 Omega 2.6V6 Auto CD - Delivery mileage for £12999. The dealer is offering 4.9% flat rate and although it is not a Volvo I am sorely tempted. Infact, so much so I put my name down for one subject to a test drive (to be taken this week when my schedule allows!)

However, at the Volvo dealer where I have been drooling as of late, car two has made an appearance today.

Originally £17,999

2001 Y S60 2.4T with Winter pack and Electric Roof - 5500 miles for £14999 with a guarantee to match the Vauxhall finance.

The price difference between the two is not a concern, as I will be spending £2000 fitting the Omega with Jag style Dual Exhaust pipes and other Irmscher add ons. However, while I am a Vx fan, have a fondness for omega's, and am sure the Star Silver V6 will look a treat, my head says 'Volvo'.

What does the combined head power of the forum say?


New car dilema - Dynamic Dave
Go for the Vauxhall.

1. Cheaper parts.
2. Cheaper servicing.
3. Bikers hate Volvo's.
4. You choose whether you want your lights on or not.
New car dilema - Vin {P}
"I have had my heart set on changing my aging V6 Omega for a 2.4T or T5 S60 for quite a while now."

I'm shocked and hurt that you are even considering a move from the Omega. Calm down and see sense. Not that I'm biased, of course - I'm off to auction this week to (hopefully) get another one for the wife and become the head of a two Omega family...

New car dilemma - JamesH
4.9% flat rate isn't especially good.

Tesco (and others) will do 7.4% APR, which is roughly a flat rate of 3.8%. The flat rate on a normal loan is often roughly half the APR.

New car dilemma - SteveH42
Northern Rock are down to something like 6.9% at the moment...

One thought on this - isn't the Omega a rather old design that is due for updating soon? I'd suspect the Volvo is better technically, plus the Omega will be getting heavily discounted if a new one is on the way.
New car dilema - teabelly
It also depends on how long you intend keeping the car and the sort of miles you intend to do. If you add in the cost of depreciation does the omega still seem a good buy? Is the mileage on the volvo 5500 or 55,000? If the former that is way to low to be a good sign!
New car dilema - Crombster
Just 5500, I am a bit unsure of where its been that length of time, however there are loads of S60's up here, registered on the 1/3/01 sitting on Volvo forecourts.

I would do approx 10k a year and keep the car 2-3years...

New car dilema - teabelly
Have they got a full garage there? If so get them to put it on ramps so you can have a good look underneath and check the condition of any rubbers and brake pipes etc. If they are willing then get them to take off the wheels so you can check the condition of the brake disks. If they look really rusty then I would probably avoid this car unless the garage are willing to change them along with the pads. I would also make sure they change the brake fluid. If this car is substantially cheaper than other similar spec cars that have been used a bit more then it might be worth the risk as you could always get rid of it in the summer as a p/ex for an omega :-)
New car dilema - Crombster
It was stickered at £18,000 2 months ago, now at £14,999 and is by far the cheapest Volvo approved car of that model.

I will pay it a visit and have a good poke around. Its in the showroom as opposed to outside so that will help when it comes to having a good old nosey :)

Perhaps im being cruel to the Omega in thinking the Volvo is so much better. The Omega was probably the least slated car of the Vx range (apart from its silly depreciation) so perhaps I shouldn't be so quick to move to Volvo.

New car dilema - jud
Why not go for the 3.0litre omega if price is not a concern, no turbo to go wrong but still lots of torque.
New car dilema - Crombster
I am not likely to get a brand new 3.2 for £12999 unfortunately, and it would be daft to spend more because of high depreciation.

The S60 is definately the sensible option which I am due to test drive tomorrow.


New car dilema - Steve S
Is the S60 you are trying a 2.4T? A well sorted chassis with a great match for the engine.

That's no contest. Compared to the Volvo - the Omega will seem what it is - an older design.
New car dilema - Crombster
I took the S60 (2.4T) for a test drive tonight and I loved it. This was no great surprise to me as I have driven the same model before and felt the same. I have been trying to put myself off as the Omega seemed such a good deal.

Such a good deal but not such a good car I guess. Friday I test drive the Omega and very likely, get out of my signed subject to test drive agreement.
New car dilema - Crombster
My heart strings have been pulled to and fro deciding whether or not to abandon my loyalty to Vauxhall or to join the welly brigade.

I joined the welly brigade, and seem to be the youngest member (at 22) of the dealers over 60's owners club :)

The Volvo is an excellent car to drive, with a superbly balanced and powerful engine, matched with a more than capable chasis and the finest bum resters I have ever sat on.

The Omega was a nice car to drive as well, but without putting it through more of a test, its weaknesses were more apparent.

I'm sure I made the right choice, however you must excuse me as I'm going out to fit the speed restrictor at 25mph...


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