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I recently came upon this site and read with interest the problems with seized spark plugs on the Ford Ka. and Fiesta with the 1.3 engine. Unfortunately it was too late to save me the £200 it cost to remove seized plugs on a 2 year Ka which had been serviced at 10000 and 20000 miles by a Ford dealer.

The Ka is an excellent car to drive and is very reasonably priced but owners should be aware that the Ford service schedule does not include removing the spark plugs until 30000 miles or 3 years by which time they will almost certainly be seized. From now on I'm getting the car serviced at a local garage which changes the plugs at the 10000 mile service.

The same comments for seized spark plugs apply also to the bolt which secures the spare wheel. It's a good idea to remove the spare wheel and grease the bolt once a year otherwise it may be impossible to remove the spare wheel when it's most needed.
Ford Ka, Fiesta 1.3 - Seized Spark Plugs - M.M

Yes you're right..this does come up a great deal.

On a broader point you will see heated discussions as to the motives of those garages/mechanics that go against makers advice and change the oil at 6K, cambelt at 40-50K etc etc.

You may be interested to know that I convert any car's service schedule back to the "old fashioned" 6K small service, 12K medium and 24K major regardless of these daft extended periods.

So for your car I would be doing an oil change and safety check (tyres/brakes/lights) at 6K/6mths plus removing the plugs and replacing with anti-seize compound.

Even with modern oils extended changes can ruin an engine such as yours....particularly as Ka's are often shorter run vehicles.


Ford Ka, Fiesta 1.3 - Seized Spark Plugs - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
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Just remember there's no cambelt on a Ka.
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This problem was covered very fully in an earlier thread, - just do a search "Ford Ka seized spark plugs" where there are approx 70 replies.


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