Where can I get a Golf R32? - carayzee
Have tried a few dealers locally, but all sold out.
Anyone know of one in stock anywhere in the UK?


Where can I get a Golf R32? - Steve S
"Volkswagen Golf 3.2 V6 R32 finished in Reflex Silver Metallic with black leather interior. Specification includes anti-lock brakes, drivers air bag, alarm, 18" Alloy wheels, 6 disc Plus single CD player, delta radio upgrade, central locking, climate control, on-board computer, electric windows, headlamp wash wipe, heated seats, 6-Speed manual gearbox, power steering, xenon lights, radio / cassette and rear wash wipe. Remainder of warranty. Demonstrator. Registration Number not included in the price. Available soon."

Tel: 01538 399499 Contact: Tim Street
Volkswagen Golf 3.2 V6 R32

From the VW website.
Where can I get a Golf R32? - carayzee
Cheers, but that one has sold.
Where can I get a Golf R32? - Dave_TD
Sat. Telegraph?
Sun. Times?
Tom Hartley??
Where can I get a Golf R32? - No Do$h
Try Bramshaws in Bournemouth on 01202 396342. They specialise in locating hard to find / limited / specialist Uberwagen, such as Merc, Audi, Beemer, VW and of course the odd Lambo and Ferrari.

Just about every desirable Deutsche Mobile to be launched in the last 10 years has been in stock in this dealership before the local Main Dealer can get their hands on them. Naturally they do mark it up a touch.... I think they now put something nasty tasting on their showroom window to discourage every petrol head from miles around from licking the windows as they drool over the exotica.

Not sure how they get the cars, but they consistently seem to manage it.

Happy hunting.
No Dosh - but then who has?
Where can I get a Golf R32? - carayzee
Found one! Rang every VW dealer in the country alphabetically. Got as far as E before I found one getting built next week.
Deposit down... job done :o)
Where can I get a Golf R32? - GT
(I know this is a bit old hat now, but....) I walked into my local VW main dealer on 30th Dec and ordered a 5dr job for end-May delivery. £1k deposit, job done. Don't mind the wait, I prefer to pay the £23k list than the £26k, £27k, £28k, etc.... on Autotrader.co.uk etc....

How much did you pay (if it's not a rude question) and have you already taken delivery? If so, I'd guess somewhere between 25k - 30k??

But more interested to know your experience of driving it.

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