Haggling by e-mail - top turkey
First post here - so happy new year regulars!

Although I am some way off replacing my car, I was wondering if anyone has ever tried agreeing on a price by just using e-mail? Personally, I would travel more or less anywhere in the UK to get a decent price for a nearly new car, and would feel far more confident haggling by e-mail rather than in person. How willing do you think dealers would be to engage in this type of haggling, if they could be assured that I was 'serious'?

Haggling by e-mail - moosh
Don't think this would work. If you are buying a "nearly new car", how would you know what it is like without seeing it?
A dealers description would be different from one dealer to the next.
For this reason the dealer would not take you serious.
Haggling by e-mail - frostbite
You might find someone selling on ebay or ebid would be prepared to do it to a limited extent - there are quite a few dealers openly selling on there.


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