Omega engine query - smokie
Visited Kwik Fit for my 5000 mile oil change yeterday. Apart from the usual "your rears are a bit low, and I wouldn't use THAT brand again Sir" (BF Goodrich, which have lasted over 20k and still have a few thou miles in them, and have been a good tyre) and "your exhaust is on it'a way out Sir, no we can't do just the middle sections we need to do the lot", one of the mechanics told me my 3.0 Omega MV6 engine is by Isuzu (sp?).

Is that true??

Thankfully the "major oil leak" that his colleague at a different branch identified last time it went in seems to have healed itself...
Omega engine query - robert
Tosh ......

The Omega V6 engines are built in Ellesmere Port in Cheshire.

Regards ........ Robert
Omega engine query - tonyh
smokie Your engine is manufactured at Vauxhalls Ellesmere port plant.the forthcoming V6 diesel is made by Isuzu HTH tonyh


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