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Something Smells Fishy - VoiceOfReason

Im currently trying to sell my car via a couple of websites, one being Piston Heads.

Today I have received an email from a guy who claims to be in Malaysia and who would like to buy my car and have it shipped to him.

He claims that he will ensure I have payment before he takes delivery of the car and that he doesnt want it registered because its not needed in Malaysia.

This obviously has MASSIVE SCAM written all over it, but wanted to see if any of you had experienced anything similar too?

Something Smells Fishy - Ethan Edwards

The scam is that he sends you a cheque. Wait a week it clears, money is in your account... he takes the vehicle. Oh good no problem you think.

BUT international cheques don't really clear for several weeks (I think). Not a lot of people know that.

Later on his rubber cheque b'doyngs and the bank immediately takes the cash out of your account.

So five weeks down the line you have no car and a brand new unauthorised overdraft. Nice isn't it.

In the 0.0000000000000000000000001% chance that Malaysia is desperately calling out for say a five year old used toyota, suggest to your buyer than you'll accept his cheque but that you'll put it in an escrow account for six months before releasing the vehicle in month seven.

Make up some excuse like your going into a monastery for six months and will deal after your religious retreat.

Watch Mr Mysterious buyer move on to find suckers anew.

Something Smells Fishy - daveyjp

Happens to companies too. My wife deals with foreign based companies and she received a very credible call from a comany in Dubai. Built up a relationship and eventually a large order came through. As a new customer the company policy is to require payment before shipment.

Not a problem for the Dubai company and a cheque duly arrived, but it was for 10 times the amount required. Wife queried this, they explained it was a "clerical error" and she was asked to cash it and send a refund, but the refund cheque was to be made out to someone else!

Needless to say the cheque was never cashed.

Something Smells Fishy - VoiceOfReason

Madness that some people fall for this sort of thing.

Credit to Piston Heads - they send a warning email to me today to say that they think the guy is a scammer.

Something Smells Fishy - Ethan Edwards

Pardon the pun but I just 'checked' how long a foreign cheque will take to REALLY clear. Hope your sitting down.


So you see funds in your account, maybe go spend it as downpayment on your next car . Why not eh? You can clearly see the funds are in your account.

Meanwhile the scammer has your or ships it to wherever.

Then six to eight weeks later Mr RB MidLloydBarclay comes along and takes the seven grand or so out of your account.

Welcome to you new overdraft Mr Victim.

Shudder......scary world full of crooks out there my friend.

Something Smells Fishy - madf

It's like the pay by Western Union scam. Same deal.. reevrse payment after they get the car.

Some people travel to Nigeria and pay £100ks to obtain stolen money left in bank accounts....:-(

Something Smells Fishy - Ethan Edwards

Send the nice lads all your credit card numbers...and if one's lucky you win a trip to the poor house..via the bankruptcy court.

Then there are those who send money to people who they are romantically interested in, but have only ever corresponded with over the net..never actually met them.

Go google 'the 419 scam.

Gosh people are odd.

Mind you if I'm so smart why am I not rich by now? Please write your answers on the back of a 'seven' pound note and mail it to........Happy Dude.....etc

Something Smells Fishy - concrete

Hello All, if you want a really good laugh about scammers and how to frustrate them you must read the following book: GREETINGS IN JESUS NAME! The Scambaiter Letters by Mike Berry AKA Shiver Metimbers. I was reading it in a cafe one day and laughed out loud so much the other customers thought I was on something. Cheers Concrete

Something Smells Fishy - jamie745

Later on his rubber cheque b'doyngs

What does it do again?

Something Smells Fishy - Roly93

An age old scam, I have had this on all of the expensive cars I have advertised in the last 6 years.

A variant of the scam is for them to transfer the money via Western Union cheque which also takes an age to be truly cleared. The cerry on the cake of the scammers is that they supposedly send you the price of the car plus a generous surplus to cover shipping for which you are 'trusted' to send a cheque for the surplus. If you are therefore stupid enough to fall for this, you lose the car plus the cheque for the surplus !! People have actually fallen for these scams, I was told this in conversation with someone from the Thames Valley car crime unit.


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