New mondeos' mpg - David Kirkham
Would anyone have any 'real-time' results on the average mpg of the new 2.0 litre petrol mondeo?

tia David Kirkham
Re: New mondeos' mpg - Mike H
As a comparison, my old model (97 facelift) 2.0LX did 38mpg regularly in mixed driving. Aircon knocked 2mpg off. Best I saw was one tankful at 45mpg driving at 50mph on empty roads for hours & miles on end in Norway and Sweden. You should expect better than this from the new one I would hope.

Not sure if this helps, but at least it gives you a baseline.

Re: New mondeos' mpg - honest john
I get roughly the same as Mike out of an old shape 2.0LX with the a/c on permanently (though not necessarily switched to full fridge). I got 33.35 out of a new 1.8iLX 125bhp last November (see the road test on this site) and reckoned I'd have got 40mpg cruising at 80 - 85, which I wasn't. And before some twat starts jumping up and down about exceeding the speed limit, it wasn't in this country.


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