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Hi all

I'm really stuck and I am hoping you can help me out.

I have a VW Golf 1.4 its a V reg and has done about 90k.

After finishing a night shift I decided to run my car for a while to warm it up before driving as it was about -10 and snowing! I went back to my car after 15 minutes and found a huge pool of oil under it, popped the bonnet to find oil had also come out of the dipstick and there was no oil left.

It was towed to a garage and I was told it had an oil leak around the pump area and that the engine was making a bad noise. I was advised not to drive it and replace the engine. I am a student and replacing the engine is not an option for me. It was filled with 3 litres of oil so I could take it home. During the hour of driving I heard no worrying noises and managed to do 60 the majority of the way. It has not been driven for 4 days now and there is still sufficient oil in the engine. As you can probably tell I am not too clued up on cars but I find it hard to believe I need a whole new engine? Can you advise me on what my next steps should be?

Many thanks, all opinions hugely appreciated!!


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What's the strength of the anti-freeze in the coolant?

Volkswagen Golf IV - VW Golf oil leak - new engine?? - Big John

The 1.4 16v engine is notorious at blocking up oil breathers & pipes causing the crankcase to pressurise and blow oil past the least point of resistance - oil seals, dip stick etc.....

Firstly disconnect the oil breather pipe from the air filter (left hand side) AND remove the oil filler cap - try blowing down it - if you feel resistance then the oil breather module mounted on the back of the engine is blocked. It is possible to remove and clean out with parafin but usually best to replace it.

Secondly remove the air filter assembly - where the oil breather pipe usually connetcs there is an internal (within air filter) pipe with a rubber-ish mushroom valve at the end - this can block badly with oil mayonaise. This is a very common issue when the engine only does lowish local mileages.

If you have driven for an hour @60 and all is OK you may have got away with it but check the above otherwise it may happen again.


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