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I am thinking of getting an Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon but am a little wary of the Dealers. One car I am really interested in is for sale on , has anyone had any dealings with these people?

Thanks in advance.

Alfa Romeo Dealers - Steve S
We have had a lot of problems with Alphas (6 out of 8 on the fleet). These problems were then compounded by shoddy dealer/Alpha support.

If you really want one - I recommend that you search the Alpha related chat rooms & forums for personal recommendations.
Alfa Romeo Dealers - No Do$h
I've just purchased a 2000 X 156 Sportwagon JTD myself (see thread entitled "Alfa 156 JTD. Am I Mad?" last updated around 20/12). Handles superbly and doesn't exactly hang about either.

To find a decent dealer I can thoroughly recommend visiting Alfaowner.Com. They have a dealership and specialist feedback section which may point you to a reliable dealer or Alfa specialist in your area. One of the other bods on this forum pointed me there.

You will need to register on the site to use this feature and the navigation on the site is dreadful, but your patience may be rewarded.

One point.... with no rubbing strips on the 156 you will find yourself parking in the furthest corners of every car-park to avoid getting parking "dings". Thankfully mine has yet to suffer this fate, so the previous owner must have taken the same approach!
No Dosh - but then who has?
Alfa Romeo Dealers - Don't shoot me I work for alfa

I regret that this site cannot be used for advertising without arrangement.

If you wish to advertise your business, then you are invited to e-mail Honest John ( ) and reach an agreement with him.

Until then may not do so.

Please do speak with HJ, you\'ll find him very open to ideas and/or suggestions.

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I hope you will be forwarding a commission to HJ for your advert ;-)
Alfa Romeo Dealers - Don't shoot me I work for alfa
It wasn't really an advert, just a pointer that it's not the Alfa Dealers that are at fault. It's the company themselves 99% of the time. Don't get me wrong I love Alfa Romeos but Fiat Auto leave a lot to be desired........

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