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As cautious as women drivers try to be, they tend to get as distracted, if not more, than their male counterparts. And this holds true if the female driver in question is a mom. If you don’t want to be one of those unfortunate moms in a mess with the authorities for distracted driving, then here are some tips to help reduce distractions in your daily routine.

* Make sure everyone in the car is buckled up before you get started, and keep checking on them during stopovers.
* Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel at all times.
* Never take calls while driving; divert all your calls to voicemail.
* Allow a responsible passenger or an older child to handle your pphone calls and text messages.
* If the phone call is urgent, then pull to the side of road before you answer it.
* If needed, use a hands free device. But limit your usage.
* Pull over to the side of the road and settle any arguments and disputes that may erupt in the car.
* Never, never, never apply makeup or eat or even read anything when driving!

Mothers are Distracted Drivers Also! - tony g
Hi huon,
(Women drivers tend to get more distracted than their male counterparts)

Well done ! You've just managed to irritate every feminist in the country.

As to the rest of your post and the previous post ,it's all so obvious ,it's a bit like telling someone ,don't go out without a coat on when it's cold ,because you will feel cold.
Looking at your slightly unusual use of English ,and words like mom,instead of mum ,I'm guessing you're not from the uk ,am I right .Where are you from .

My understanding of this forum is that it's to entertain ,educate and inform members .New members and new ideas/observations are always welcome.

Your motoring experiences or problems would be of far more interest to members than your two previous posts.


Tony g

Mothers are Distracted Drivers Also! - Bobbin Threadbare

He always does this. The posts are almost like trolling, but not often enough.

Also he's confused 'women drivers' with 'stupid people' . Schoolboy error!!

Mothers are Distracted Drivers Also! - tony g

My mistake , I thought he was new to the forum ,is he really that nieve.
Mothers are Distracted Drivers Also! - Avant

He (it must be a he) comes on here about once a month with posts that are either trite or inconsequential, or both. I believe he showers (that is the word) his pearls of wisdom on other forums as well. He probably drives a Saab (think of the town where they were made).

I could have hidden this thread but it's as well for any newcomers to be aware and not to judge us by that standard!

Edit - if you google his name you'll see he's been banned from several forums.

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Mothers are Distracted Drivers Also! - jamie745

I still think he's a bot.

Mothers are Distracted Drivers Also! - tony g
Definitely a bot ,ive googled him,he's on lots of forums ,many have banned him.

One forum is about railway signalling equipment ,would you believe , he's on their .

Can he ,it,be banned .

Mothers are Distracted Drivers Also! - Avant

I can ban trolls etc. by disabling their accounts, but I'm reluctant to do that as it annoys them so that they may hit back by simply opening a new hotmail account and posting from there.

But if he becomes a pest I can delete his posts.

We will of course continue to disable the accounts of spammers.

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