Vauxhall Vectra B - vectra Z18XE starting problems - jb1981

hi hope someone can help. i have had my vectra 1.8 2001 model for about a year and had no problems untill now. i used the car around 3 weeks ago and it just cut out at traffic lights it would not start for 10 mins with the light with spanner flashing then it would start and run for 2 mins then run on 3 cylinders then cut out again, it did this 3 times then run fine for a couple of weeks then did the same again, very random, i have replaced the ecu and the coil pack. i have gone out today to use the car and it wont start at all and the light with spanner and the light with the engine on it are flashing rapidly. could it be the airflow sensor? i just dont want to keep throwin money at the wrong things. hope you understand what i have put.

many thanx john.


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