First Car - 2008 Micra 1.2 or 2005 Aygo - nantgaredig

First car for my 17 year old son - should I buy:

1. 2008 Nissan Micra 1.2 Activa, air con, one owner (local vicar!). FSH (main dealer who supplied the car), local, 2 year warranty, 3 yrs RAC £3,995 or

2. 2005 Toyota Aygo 1.0 Platinum, air con, two owner, FSH Private Purchase £3,500

About the same on his Insurance policy (£1,800!!)

Which is the best bet do you recon?

First Car - 2008 Micra 1.2 or 2005 Aygo - nantgaredig

I seem to remember HJ saying alsways go for the age rather than the mileage, i.e. young high miles better than old, low mileage.

First Car - 2008 Micra 1.2 or 2005 Aygo - instantyacht

Hi there, I prefer the aygo's as they are better looking but they are smaller... I learnt to drive in a micra and did not really like it, however it is more spacious.

Could I just ask who are you insuring with as the quote you have is incredibly cheap?

First Car - 2008 Micra 1.2 or 2005 Aygo - Auristocrat

How many miles have each done? Depending on mileage, might be inclined to go for the Micra - 3 years younger, roomier, better protection as re warranty and breakdown cover. From owners feeding into the Toyota Owners Club, the Aygo is prone to water leaks - very cheap to run though. Think the Micra can also suffer electrics issues (Renault electrics).

First Car - 2008 Micra 1.2 or 2005 Aygo - nantgaredig

74,000 on the Micra but supplied new and serviced by the main dealer now selling. Car is spotless and drives well. £3,995 with full inspection, 2 years warranty and 3 years RAC roadside.

Looked at various Aygo's all 2005 showing 30,000 or so but these have been private sellers at about £3,500

First Car - 2008 Micra 1.2 or 2005 Aygo - Auristocrat
Despite higher mileage on the Micra, think I would be inclined to go for that. Being slightly larger, would be more practical. Inspection and warranty provide more peace of mind, and, if need, you probably will have more comeback than with a private sale.

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First Car - 2008 Micra 1.2 or 2005 Aygo - Avant

That's a lot of miles for a local vicar - maybe a large scattered rural Welsh parish?

For peace of mind if you're prepared to pay over £3,000, best to go to a dealer, but I think you might do best to look again for a newer Aygo (or identical Citroen or Peugeot). £3,500 is a lot for a seven-year-old city car.

Micras haven't got the good name for reliabilty that they had: they have a fault which makes them difficult to start if they've been driven for too short a distance from cold. (Yes, you shouldn't do that, but none of us is perfect.)

First Car - 2008 Micra 1.2 or 2005 Aygo - nantgaredig

Mant thanks all.

First Car - 2008 Micra 1.2 or 2005 Aygo - Chris M

Which one would your son prefer?

I couldn't see my son wanting to be seen dead in a Micra!

Just realised this is an old thread. What did you go for?

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First Car - 2008 Micra 1.2 or 2005 Aygo - Leif

My own experience of a previous generation Micra, and a previous generation Ford Ka, is that these small cars are built to last 8 - 10 years before they start getting serious issues such as rust. Both of mine were too expensive to maintain after 10 years. You do see old ones around but I assume they have been owned by pensioners etc who do not do long trips on salted roads etc. The Micra may be high mileage but if that is motorways, then there would be little wear on the clutch, and undercarriage. Ask the owner what it did if possible. Lots of driving on country lanes can mess up the undercarriage, as I have found out. A local vicar suggests lots of short journeys, which is not so good. Or he might have some mistresses in distant towns.

I guess there are checks you can do. I was told to take off the radiator cap and run the engine, and if lots of steam came out, run away. I did once, and it did, so I did! Also get down and look underneath for signs of rust, bad repairs etc. One Micra I saw had very bad painting on an under side panel, presumably a shoddy crash repair.

I don't know too much about cars, but the Aygo sounds expensive. Could you do a bargain and ask the vicar to throw in a few prayers for your son?


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