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Any - Lunatic driver - tony g
Driving my daughter into Leeds this morning on the main dual carriageway through armley.

The time was just after 9am and we were travelling in a two plus lane on the nearside of the road.Because of the time the road was busy with mums on their way home and late for work commuters .

We were travelling at about 20 mph when a black seat Leon pulled in front of us from the offside lane missing the front of our car by inches .the lunatic driving it undertook a car in the offside lane and then repeated the manoeuvre further down the road ,as we followed him further down the road he was swerving the car from Side to side ,in a manoeuvre similar to the one used by formula 1 drivers to generate heat in tyres .

Further down the road we pulled alongside him ,I wound down my window ,as did he and we had a frank exchange of views ,mainly concerning my view of his mental health .

He then did a u turn into the opposite carrieageway ,forcing an ambulance that was on an emergency call to slow down to avoid a collision.

While all this was happening ,my daughter rang the police with the drivers registration number ,they said they would visit the home of the registered keeper ,if they couldn't find him in the area.

So the question is ,will the driver get away with just a warning ,is it worthwhile getting involved ,given that drivers have been assaulted in similar circumstances.How often is this kind of driving happening

Tony g

Any - Lunatic driver - jamie745

I doubt he'll get anymore than a talking to. After all, they dont have any proof he's done anything or that he was even driving.

Any - Lunatic driver - RT

While he clearly needs a custodial sentence, the necessary evidence is probably missing - unless a number of independent witnesses are all corroborating the same story.

Any - Lunatic driver - Ethan Edwards

I have an onboard video camera. Writes a avi file to a sd card, on screen date and time. So at least you have positive proof of what your seeing.

One of these...turns on with the ignition. £30 well spent if you travel alone a lot.

Any - Lunatic driver - Bromptonaut

I have an onboard video camera. Writes a avi file to a sd card, on screen date and time. So at least you have positive proof of what your seeing.

One of these...turns on with the ignition. £30 well spent if you travel alone a lot.

Experience of cyclists who use helmet cams is that police attitude varies. While some respond others get worried about 'Data Protection', particularly if the vid has been uploaded to you tube or similar. Some users have reported being treatred as though they were the offender.

Police (or maybe the civvies on the desk) are wrong but much determination and energy needed to make them undertand about public places etc.

Any - Lunatic driver - John Boy

I doubt he'll get anymore than a talking to...

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Any - Lunatic driver - barney100
Used to be if two qualified drivers reported an incident like yours at least a warning would be issued. I was in a mini bus and a woman did something very dangerous in a car which we came up to at some lights later. Our driver got out and told the woman he had her number and he had a bus full of footballers as witnesses......may just have had some influence on her.
Any - Lunatic driver - ChannelZ

Posting on the internet will show him. ;)

Either call the fuzz and report him, or let him get away with it.

Some ould boy in a S-Type Jag was too busy reading his newspaper (yes, really, broadsheet paper spread out over the wheel!) to pay attention to his lane discipline. Kept edging towards me, until I ended up on the hard shoulder, blaring my horn, he was totally oblivious. Followed him for a few miles along the busy rushour dual carriageway, rang the Police and reported him. Gave a statement, and the Police went round and gave him a talking to.

Any - Lunatic driver - jamie745

Some ould boy in a S-Type Jag was too busy reading his newspaper (yes, really, broadsheet paper spread out over the wheel!) to pay attention to his lane discipline.

I know its wrong but that is a great advert for the S-Type Jag, the fact you could drive around in it for that long reading a newspaper without crashing.

It really does just drive itself.

Any - Lunatic driver - Bobbin Threadbare

I doubt there's a lot that can be done there. I have noted the reg plates of cars that I have seen doing things like that and reported them to Crimestoppers. If they are spotted by police or a camera behaving dangerously in future, their plate is flagged up as having been reported before, if two or more separate incidents are logged against that plate.

I have seen some atrocious behaviour towards bikers in particular, these past few weeks.

Any - Lunatic driver - Trilogy

Tony G, 'Further down the road we pulled alongside him ,I wound down my window ,as did he and we had a frank exchange of views ,mainly concerning my view of his mental health'

You were very brave. Some nutters would have caused you an injury.

Any - Lunatic driver - tony g
Therein lies the problem ,do nothing and the problem just gets worse ,lunatics like the one I encountered rely on the silent majority to be silent ,so they can continue to behave as they do.

Tony g
Any - Lunatic driver - Farm Hand
Nothing suprises me any more.

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Any - Lunatic driver - Farm Hand
Tony g - no

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Any - Lunatic driver - Avant

Farmhand - this looks like the work of that useless stupid device known as Internet Explorer. Try using Google Chrome or Firefox. Sorry!

Any - Lunatic driver - Farm Hand

Tony g - Thanks for the info - this is a test to see if i can post more than a few words. have written script out in full twice now but for some reason website did not register it all!

Any - Lunatic driver - tony g
Hi all,
My daughter thought the lunatic driving the offending car ,looked like phil Mitchell from eastenders,could he have escaped from prison ?
Any - Lunatic driver - Farm Hand

Tony g - you are a whizz! Loaded Google Chrome and hey presto! Thanks for that.

As I was trying to say on the two previous occasions you are obviously not lone in seeing this type of suicidal driving style.

On a trip to Blackpool via the A583 a few months ago I had a weaver travelling a few feet off my back bumper, and it was that violent I thought he was going to roll his car. Anyway, there was a fair queue of cars in front of me doing about the 40 mph limit when said weaver decided to overtake. Well he couldnt have picked a worse time/position. Lots of right turns and traffic emerging from garden centres etc. He came past me and passed six cars in front of me doing at least 70mph, only to get past everyone he went over the double whites onto the wrong side of the road. At this time I think he realised he couldnt get back into the queue, especially because the speed differential was too high. At this time oncoming traffic started to appear and he panicked (still on the wrong side of the road and double whites) so what did he do? He actually took to the right hand side of a traffic island in the centre of the road still on the wrong side of the road forcing oncoming traffic into their near side. It was so close to call - it was nearly a high speed disaster. Absolutely mental. Dangerous driving just doesnt cover it! I think what amazed everyone most, is that he stopped at a red traffic light qtr mile on and acted like nothing had happened! Looked the sort you would not want to chance remonstrating with so let it go. Its obviously only a matter of time before the ineviatble happens. Just hope he doesnt take anyone with him.

Any - Lunatic driver - bathtub tom

Happened to me, many years ago, approaching a cross-roads.

I was overtaking the cars in front, but not as aggressively as another in front of me, I'd already commented to my passengers that the other driver was taking considerable risks, particularly at an approaching bend where I'd already decided to hang back, but they'd continued to overtake (they were ahead of me).

At the crossroads I joined the queue of traffic, but the other car ahead continued to overtake. I commented ' it only needs someone to turn right' but never completed it!

The overtaker clipped a car turning right and ended up in a ditch!

I provided a statement to the BIBs.

Any - Lunatic driver - Farm Hand

Oops! Sorry Avant. Seems I gave tony g a bit of credit that should have not been accredited to him - re Google Chrome.

Bathtub tom, It seems some do indeed get their comeuppance!

Some 30 years ago I used to travel to work with my brother and every morning without fail, this very large mercedes saloon would come roaring past on the wrong side of an urban street complete with parked cars both sides. Sometimes he nearly swiped the front off my car as he cut in front. Being young and inexperienced did not really know how to tackle this even though this guy lived around the corner from us. He was no youngster either and old enough to know better. My brother and I used to say - its only a matter of time - hes got a death wish. He regularly annoyed just about everyone in our neighbourhood.

Anyway, this one particular morning I pulled over to the kerb and just let him go. Yup, next set of traffic lights found a double deck bus planted right in the nearside of his big shiny merc and most certainly writing it off in thr process. When we stopped and enquired what had happened ( as the accident was blocking the junction) it transpired that he had run a red light and paid for his arrogance. Had a good laugh at him while he was holding his side and groaning.

Any - Lunatic driver - tony g
Hi fh,
I think you're confusing the advice on posting ,the info came from the omnipotent avant ,the site moderator ,not from me .

Thank you for your post ,wernt you tempted to pull the guy out of his car and give him a good slapping.

I actually did have a serious ruck with a guy about 6 years ago,following a similar incident ,it ended with a brawl at the side of the road ,I'm 6ft and 16 stone ,the other guy was about 5ft 6 and 10 stone .I can't imagine why he would want to have a go at me .

Needless to say he came off much worse. The odd thing is that although initially I was on a high ,I suppose it was the adrenaline rush ,I felt really guilty and stupid an hour later ,55 years old and brawling like a teenager at the side of the road .

How to respond and what to do if you're being threatened I don't know.
For me it was instinctive ,the red mist took over.

I definitely wouldn't recommend it ,if I had seriously hurt the other driver ,I could have been looking at a jail sentence ,if he had used a knife or something similar I could have been in serious trouble.

Tony g
Any - Lunatic driver - Farm Hand

tony g - When you see something as hideous as that you are always tempted to at least give them a piece of your mind - but one look at this guy and I just knew where it would end up, so not for me. You know when these type of people just have that look and whiff of TROUBLE with a capital T.

I wish I had reported that incident as it was very ugly full of agressive dangerous driving and very nearly ended in something very nasty indeed. In my view, making a mistake is one thing, or even slight incompetence being displayed is another, but when it is downright malice and aggression - well that should not go unpunished. The guy needed some serious intervention there but I was not the one to go there.

Any - Lunatic driver - tony g
Hi fh.
A much more sensible response than mine .

What is it about cars and driving that triggers such extreme behaviour .

After all if you were a pedestrian and someone walked in front of you ,I can't imagine it could ever end in violence .

Any - Lunatic driver - Farm Hand

tony g

Well I have had my moments, but thankfully never come to fisticuffs.

What tends to really annoy me if someone has gone out of their way to pee you off - like cutting you up badly causing you to brake hard - or driving too close when its really not necessary. I cant make my mind up whether people do it out of agression or spite or they really are that incompetent.

It was not that long ago when a woman just opened her offside drivers door right into my path, had no where to swerve (oncoming traffic) so had to brake hard ABS chattering screech of tortured rubber on tarmac etc. Didnt half make her jump and she turned to me and told me where to go! Charming I'm sure?

I think a very large part of it is the fact that nobody likes to be told that they are at fault ( and that goes for every walk of life) and even less so if you are a stranger with no authority. I mean would people really act like this in front of the police?

Any - Lunatic driver - Bobbin Threadbare

It is concerning that there are so many of these incidents. I wonder if the people who behave like this and then shout abuse etc behave similarly in other aspects of their lives?

I have been followed once. I was approaching a set of lights (on red) and could choose one of two lanes. Passenger says ', left' so I indicated left, swapped lane and rolled to a stop. A car was coming around the bend behind me but he decided that I had 'stolen' his lane, so he honked. Then he followed me for a good few miles, about 2in off my back bumper; I realised he was doing it so I kept circling the same area as I wasn't letting him follow me home! When we stopped at the next set of lights, he got out and kicked my car and hammered on my windows, shouting abuse at me. I should have reported him. It made me feel ill!! I wasn't getting out to confront him as I'd probably have punched him even though he was a lot bigger than me.

Any - Lunatic driver - Trilogy

When I went to college, as a mature student, I used to share journeys with a colleague. She often tailgated cars, but was oblivious to the fact she was doing it. There was no malice ot intimidation.

I know of another person, who drives a large 4wd and does the same thing. He just hasn't a clue. I've seen people in front of him in cars pull over and then rejoin traffice once he has gone past. He drives with the seat set at about 45 degrees. He says its because he is so tall. He's not even 6 feet tall. The problem is he drives with his hands at the bottom of the steering wheel!

Any - Lunatic driver - dieseldogg

I only once phoned the Police in respect of dangerous driving, a complete nutter (apparently) overtook myself plus the queue of cars ahead on a sweeping bend forcing his way back in against the oncoming traffic & repeating said behavouir.

I had plenty of time to clock his reg & phoned the police when stopped in the next village, relating the incident quietly & calmly.

I actually got a call back from Plod saying that the registered keeper was "known to them" & would be getting a knock on the door at 03:00 or 04:00, to discuss the alledged behavouir.

I chortled at that.

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Any - Lunatic driver - John Boy

I think you should always report these incidents. I don’t mind if they only get a talking to from the police – that’s better than nothing and it’s a lot better then me trying to do it.

I can’t see any harm, though, in letting them see that you’re getting a good look at who they are. It’s good for these people to feel a bit of parnoia.


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