Please give me a bus pass - not! - Stuart B
Good morning Ladies & Gentlemen, please excuse me while I have a good rant, it will save me taking it out on some other poor sod.

This morning I have followed a bus for what seemed like miles but it was not a happy experience as the bus was stopping frequently and overtaking opportunities were distinctly sparse due to road layout and opposing traffic even at bus tops. This in itself was not a problem but the other factors were.

The bus was one of those ancient Leylands that kick out a tone of particulates every time they pull away.
It was R reg, ie 23/24 years old. eg ABC 123R
It was puking oil all over the road.
Brake light out.
The driver did not know what his LH indicators were for, AT ALL EVER but they were working because he briefly used them once, literally one flash. However he knew what his right hand indicators were for, which was, and I translate ?I have not looked in my mirrors but I am just issuing the change to the last customer and have shut the doors so look out I have already pulled out - oops!?
Finally just to rub it all in the bus had a wonderful new advertising paint job which prevented you from looking through the back window to see if any passengers were getting up to get off or the bus stopping light was lit after someone had rung the bell. So you could not even get an observation link there.

Grizzle grizzle grizzle, there that?s better.
Re: Please give me a bus pass - not! - Roger Jones
Report the matter to the bus company. Seriously. A friend of mine chooses to drive buses in his retirement as a recreational pursuit. Whenever something like this arises in conversation, he always advises people to report it to the bus company, who have serious obligations and responsibilities in terms of the road-worthiness of vehicles and the conduct of drivers (not to mention the conduct of conductors).
Re: Please give me a bus pass - not! - Dave
Roger Jones wrote:
> Report the matter to the bus company. Seriously. A friend of
> mine chooses to drive buses in his retirement as a
> recreational pursuit.

Beats golf!
Re: Please give me a bus pass - not! - Ian Cook
Your friend who drives buses as a recreational pursuit - does he drive JCBs as his main hobby? (see earlier thread)
Re: Please give me a bus pass - not! - Olaf Searson
I can relate to this. Next week will be my final week at College and for two years I have been taking the bus into Exeter, where I study. Now, the bus we get in the mornings are quite good, coaches which are never under 5 years old. But in the afternoon, we get these 18 year old busses. The windows rattle in their frames, you can smell the fumes inside the bus, the doors alwas open when the bus goes over 50mph etc. I thought the government were supposed to be putting more money into public transport!
Puts tractors in perspective. - David Woollard

After that you'd be pleased to follow my tractor/baler.

The calming smell of newly baled hay from the two bales left in the chamber, the hypnotic effect of me bouncing up and down in the sprung seat, plenty of chance to see past, up the inside and even underneath for overtaking chances. To top it all a clean exhaust discharged high into the air.

Sheer bliss.

Re: Puts tractors in perspective. - Alvin Booth
The advertising in the back window obviously worked,,,,,I bet you remember what it was.
One up for them, this was one time you couldn't pop out and make a cup of tea while they were on.
One up for the good guys..

Re: What was that advert? - Stuart B
Afraid you've lost your bet Alvin, not even a clue what product it was let alone who!
Re: What was that advert? - David Woollard
So we know Alvin's line of business now.

Tractors - Guy Lacey
I can't read and I can't write
But that don't really matter
'Cos I come from Somerset
and I can drive a tractor.

Have you seen those god-awful ad's saying 1 bus = 20 cars.

Not in London it doesn't where the old red-buses must churn out more particulates than Battersea power station. Can *anyone* please explain how they pass the emission tests....
Re: Tractors - Ash Phillips
I thought there was a law/rule, whatever, that you could report any commercial diesels for smoking to the Inspectorate via a hotline. Never tried it - suppose it would be engaged.
Re: Tractors - John Slaughter

Hate to be difficult, but Battersea power station has been closed and partly demolished for more years that I care to remember, so its emissions have been zero.......


Re: Please give me a bus pass - not! - bogush
Someone in "the business" on another forum reckoned that "buses" (ie council/town bus route/bus stop type, as opposed to long distance coaches)


a) exempt from fuel duty (they could reclaim it).

b) exempt from the emissions regs.


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