Ford Focus - quick clear windscreen ribbon broken - blader1611

I have removed the scuttle and it seems the ribbon has snapped off at the connector. It looks like the ribbon comes from the windscreen then in to a black plastic square (i guess a connector) which then connects to the main terminal via a wire. The ribbon is broken right by this black plastic square, is there any way to replace or repair this? I would guess its only snapped off a few of mm from the end of the ribbon.

Ford Focus - quick clear windscreen ribbon broken - Chris M

This happened on my CMax when a garage carelessly reinstalled the scuttle panel whilst replacing the front spings. It's an easy repair if you have a soldering iron (needs to be a fairly powerful one though). Remove the connector (it's not really a connector, rather just the point where the ribbon changes to a wire) completely. Strip back the insulation on the ribbon and attach a short length of wire connecting to the rest of the lead. The real connector is further along. Wrap the solder joint with insulation tape.


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