Car prices versus region - Vin
My father in law is planning to get rid of his old, high mileage Orion Diesel - I suspect in the end for around £700; I can sell it in London, Southampton or Sheffield. Well, what gives me pause for thought is whether anyone has ever studied regional differences in car pricing.

As an example, years ago a work colleague of mine bought a new XR2 in Glasgow, ran it for five months, then sold it for more than he had paid for it in Manchester. Equally, ten years ago when I was peripherally involved in the trade, I dealt with a dealer in NI who shipped their trade ins to the mainland for sale as the prices in NI were so low in comparison. Finally, six years ago, when I needed a van (I WAS white van man) I saw people buying vans at auction in Bedford and putting them in the next day in Enfield and getting more for them.

So, as my examples are all pretty old, does anyone have a more up-to-date view on the regional market? Partly for the sale of the old buffer's car, but mainly because I'm interested.

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