VW Service Indicator - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
Anyone know how to reset the service indicator on a 2002 model VW Passat? Mine is not in the trip meter display as per the handbook, but in the central red display area.
The car has just been serviced and this was an oversight by the north Cheshire VW dealer.I do not want to take it over to Cheshire as I live around 40 miles from this dealership.
VW Service Indicator - David Lacey
I think it is a dealer only job with their VAG reset tool only.

I'd ask them to replenish your fuel for the trip plus something for your time!

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Hope this might be relevant to your problem.

On my Golf Mk IV the service indicator is indicated in the central red display area. This can be reset by the owner, using the clock or odo trip adjusting knob, and following the procedure in the owners handbook. When you reset it, it reverts to the fixed service interval, so it doesnt matter how many miles after the service you do it (within reason, I expect).

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Try this as the suggested way on page 8 of my 2001 Passat handbook didn't work. This is the method used on a 1999 Polo; it worked on my Passat.
With the ignition switched off press and hold in the trip meter (odometer) reset button.
Keep the trip meter button pressed in and switch the ignition on (you need two hands!)
Release the trip meter button after at least 10 seconds.
VW Service Indicator - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
Thanks for your help.
I was initially confused by your procedure causing the display to read SERVICE DUE NOW; but it had re-set the next time I started the car.
Happy New Year
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On my 2002 passat, just managed to get it to reset.
It seems a combination of what different people are saying actually works.
Use your Right hand to hold in the trip odometer reset button, with the ignition off.
Next, turn the ignition on while still holding in the trip reset button
When ignition lights are on, and reset button is till being held, turn the clock adjust knob clockwise.
Hooray the service is reset!
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Hi i have tried this today on my 2002 polo (nov 2002) but no luck !
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To reset the display manually, switch off the ignition, then press and hold down the trip reset button at the bottom of the speedometer.

Switch on the ignition and release the reset button and note that the relevant service will appear in the display.

Turn the digital clock reset knob clockwise and the display will return to normal.

Switch off the ignition to complete the resetting procedure.

It works on my 2000MY Bora...:-)

Owners of models produced from 2000 can choose between the two servicing parameters - either the "distance" or the "variable" intervals.

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not all vag cars on longlife can be reset like this. Or so I am told by a usually reliable source.

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