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Thing is, I'm confused, I want to export a vehicle (haven't bought it yet) and register it in another country (drive it there trough france) so buying a full years insurance is pointless. But I've read the terms and conditions for the short term insurance companies and the ones that do apply cover in Europe only do so if the start and end of the journey is in the UK.

I've tried searching Google for a company that sells what I need but just couldn't find one.

So what kind of insurance do I buy to export a car?


Insurance for exporting car - Mike H

Is it not an option to register it in the UK before you take it abroad? You can then take out a short term insurance, then decide not to come back to the UK....after all, once you've got where you're going, it's not an issue if you don't come back. You don't have to check in with the insurance company when you get back.

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Insurance for exporting car - colinh

HJ in his FAQs on importing a car notes: "A new EU rule now requires you to insure the car in the country of purchase. But if you want to arrange additional comprehensive insurance on the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from the point of purchase back to the UK, speak to Footman James on 0121 561 4196."

Probably they, or a similar insurance broker, could help you working in the opposite direction.

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I think any old-fashioned insurance broker can sort out cover just on a VIN number - I've had a couple of cars that were insured that way initially.

Insurance for exporting car - AlexT

That's brilliant, thanks man!


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