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Any - Best drive ever - barney100

While stuck in a jam the other day I cast my mind back to my most enjoyable drive ever. It was from london to Blandford in the wee small hours in a 2 litre Vauxhall Victor and the road was clear all the way. A starry night too I had a completely clear run along the Salisbury-Blandford road too with headlights seemingly shining out forever ahead.

Any - Best drive ever - V4 Heaven

I remember my 1,600 mile drive from Stafford to Naples in 2 days in 2002. I was working in Italy in the Forces and was on the lookout for a decent family car with good mpg and a big boot. I wanted a right-hand drive car as eventually I would take this car back to the UK when my overseas tour ended. I settled on a Toyota Carina as these had a combination of everything that I was after. I gambled on there being some available in the UK and caught a £25 flight back to Stanstead where my parents picked me up. Next day, withdrew cash from my UK bank, looked at a few and settled on a 1997 1.8GS petrol Carina with 46k on the clock. Bought it, sorted insurance, booked Eurotunnel. Two days later I was on my way!

I set off at 8am and just kept going, only stopping for refreshments and fuel, 80mph all the way. I eventually made it to Turin before I could no longer stay awake at about 2.30am, so I pulled over into the first Autogrill, jumped into the back seat and fell asleep.

Woke up freezing at about 6am, so I went for breakfast, filled up and set off for Naples. I made it in time to pick the kids up from school at 3pm!

I still have the car now and it's nearly done 160,000 trouble free miles. It has always given low to mid 40s mpg, the last tankful being 45mpg. It's not the best looking car in the world but still makes me smile!

And I know that if I had to do the same journey tomorrow, I could get in and go, no trouble!


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