BMW Z3 - Bob
My wife wants one of these, and I am quite tempted, what can I expect for 15 grand ? whats the best model / colour to go for ? anything I watch out for ? whaich engine is best suited ? I fancy a 2.8 but Mrs Bob is more keen on the 1.8 . decisions eh ?
Re: BMW Z3 - honest john
The 2.8 may suffer from M52 factor (worn bore linings). So the 1.8 or 1.9 is actually the safer bet.

Re: BMW Z3 - harry
If you get the rag top just watch out for it being slashed! On the other hand the coupe looks totally odd if you ask me. I wouldn't be too happy with my wife using a convertible after dark for security reasons. Come to think of it I've had road rage nutters trying to force their way into my car twice during daylight! Glad I was in a tin top is all I can say!

I test drove the M3 and was pretty under impressed - performance not as good as I expected, so I reckon the 1.8 will be good for posing only. It's also pretty cramped inside, so I hope she's small.

Whtever you get, enjoy!
BMW Z3 - Over rated car - David Lacey
This car is massively over-rated. The 1.9 unit is breathless and very slow. The Coupe looks horrible. If you really must, go for a 2.8 that has had a new engine.
I would personally put my money into an MGf.
Re: BMW Z3 - Over rated car My a*se - Marc
What ? ? ?

My wife's got one of these with the 2.0 six pot motor, its bloody marvellous and it's fast. Best of all they hold on to their value. We looked at MGFs but they are pitifully cramped inside, there's nowhere to rest your elbow, and the Sunvisors look as if they are made out of old fast-food cartons. The New Toyota MR 2 is more convincing. but the Z3 is really well made and we like it so there !

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