Volvo V70 01 Plate T5 2.3L - Throttle position sensor limp mode - Peter D

01 plate V70 T3 2.3. Today the engine management light came on and a message Reduced Performance and the car went into limp mode big time. I was not far from my son's house so called in and we investigaged using a MacTools code reader. "Throttle Position Sensor Switch A" then a crash code for the ECU to force the car inro limp mode.
We reset this and the car was fine. I drove back home but 2 miles later the error re-appeared. I popped into my local Bosch independant but the guy in know as not there. However when I returned to the car the fault had cleared itself, so I drove time, another 2 or 3 miles and parked up. My question is can these throttle position sensors be cleaned or is it a replacement job. Regards Peter

Volvo V70 01 Plate T5 2.3L - Throttle position sensor limp mode - injection doc

Its a well documented problem with throttle bodies on Volvo's. In the states Volvo have had to honour replacements at almost any age.

Out of interest have you tried washing the throttle body out clean as sometimes because the throttle doesnt shut totally it throws it into limp mode as the switch doesnt see the idle position. This is an issue with some vauxhalls as well.


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