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Hi guys,

I have had my fair share of DPF problems with my Mazda 6 but the ones im having with our VW Crafter is frustrating to say the least.

Ok, We got our van on lease for 4 years - in the space of 1 year, we've had a new engine paid for by warranty due to failed DPF regenerations, after this its been in and out of the dealership approx. 15-20 times, every time the light comes on we take it for on long empty road for a regen... which adds an extra 15 miles onto our 25 mile journey home. The twist? the dpf light stays on after that long drive, we call VW assistance and they say it has to be recovered into the dealership.

This happens EVERY TIME. We are losing business and time when this happens. Now, they had the van on and off for a few weeks giving it software updates & the whole lot. The last straw was when i agreed to take it back one last time, i had the van out from the dealership one day then the DPF light came on, took it for a long drive then all warning lights started flashing i.e. coil, engine and dpf....got the van recovered to the dealership. The fix was that it needed a new Adblue injector and that its all ok now.

I refuse to collect the van on the basis how many times its been in and how much money we have lost. There is no actual fix for it.

What do VW say? Ok, instead of the normal service intervals of 17,500 miles as advertised and which is why we purchased the van, they have reduced it to have a service every 5,500 miles (which we do in about 3-4 months) and they mention the DPF light coming on is not a fault....i agree, its not - but we have this light come on every approx 4-7 days with the oil levels rising and a huge loss in MPG including when we regen the light does not turn off..

They are apparantly backing this up with the ECU readings, the computer is telling them that we are failing to comply with the correct regen procedure...if there was no problem then why the hell would VW assistance agree to get the van recovered every time & every time its in VW carry out a free oil and filter change.

The head office are trying to tell me there is no problem and that there is nothing wrong with the van and at the end of the day its our driving, she even admitted that we will most probably have to have the van recovered every week or so.

To make sure im not going mad, just wanted to find out if im not the only one who thinks thats a load of s***. As i've refused to take the van out of the dealership, we currently have a courtesy van from enterprise paid by VW when the van was in for repair, im not giving that back either as the business needs to run. I know we will get charged but im not paying, VW will at the end of this dispute.

Thanks for your time.

VW Crafter CR35 2.5TDI - DPF!!! As usual. - John Boy

I can't help specificially, but, In my experience it's often useful to to type a product name and model into Google, followed by the word "problems". In this case, it brings up a set of 33 user reviews, which are not very flattering, so I don't think you're alone:


VW Crafter CR35 2.5TDI - DPF!!! As usual. - bathtub tom

To quote Oscar Wilde: To lose one parent may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness.

You do seem to have a serial problem with diesels and DPFs?

VW Crafter CR35 2.5TDI - DPF!!! As usual. - injection doc

I must admit to thinking about driving style and where do you buy your fuel ?

If you are tending to use high throttle loading but low engine rpm, including too higher gear at too lower speed ! this could cause excessive sooting blocking the DPF

VW Crafter CR35 2.5TDI - DPF!!! As usual. - Med

I like the quote - unfortunately there is a same difference between my Mazda 6, i had a run-away due to excessive diesel contaminating the sump...with no warning light and usual oil checks showing nothing.

Learning from other diesels and the bio-diesel issues, we always buy V-POWER shell, accountant has ALL receipts...he has even advised to cut costs in business why not use cheaper fuel...couldn't even be bothered to explain it to him..

With this van, as i mentioned we keep getting the DPF light coming on, even when the light comes on we do as VW say, as we all know drive it x miles for x amount of time between a certain gear. This was done on EVERY occasion, usually after the long journey of thrasing the van out as they say, the light stayed on. VW assistance have always said its a problem, off back to the dealer once again.

How can they seriously justify a service reduction of that amount!? and consumers have to accept this...? does this mean that every van / car that drives in London has problems like we are having with the DPF?? i spoke to 30 VW Crafter drivers of the same year and they all said they have never seen the light come on and they were mostly courier drivers or builders. Our van most of the time is empty, our projects are only 1 mile between each other so the load of the van is 80% empty most of the time ans always on the way home to try and save fuel...which is another issue on its own.

I forgot to mention, when VW had the van for about 2 weeks investigating it, we took it back and 5 days after driving in London, we didn't have any warning light but decided to check the oil levels, these levels (after VW changed the oil when they had it) were way above the X mark and was heavily diluted with diesel.

I know we can keep going round and round in circles with reasons why it happens and that the DPF does this and that but its completely wrong that us consumers have to agree to pay the cost of a technology that does not suit most town drivers... The master technician at VW told me that in Jan 2012 all diesels will by law be required to have a DPF fitted, apparantly mercedes are still in Euro 4. I asked the dealership that takes care of the van......

If i were to come in here as a new customer and explained that my work is 100% in London and i need a big van, i.e. the crafter - because of my previous experience with the DPF and the problem with town driving, what would you sell me.....The answer?? was a shaken one, he couldn't really provide me with an answer and simply said we couldn't sell you a vehicle.....

Can you believe that a VW dealer would be saying that? Sure, i thank him for being honest but what vehicle do we use i.e. a van that is suitable for town driving?? Our business is stretched at its limit anyway, especially in this economic climate - we were doing at least an extra £10-£20 of fuel just to do this "Extra" journey to clear the DPF, when the DPF can't regenerate and ve assistance have to come down, we are left again without a Van....

In regards to my Mazda case, i have finally secured a meeting with an MEP for the europeon commitee for environment issues who speaks in parliament quite often on the 4th of November...I would welcome any questions that you guys would like to put forward in regards to the DPF systems.

I'm not saying i dont agree with the reason behind the DPF technology but this should not be put down to the consumers to pay the costs.....the government should have allowed an extension for manufacturers to test and re-build different version of the system before release....

Of course, i know many fors and against will be on here but just putting my views across.

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VW Crafter CR35 2.5TDI - DPF!!! As usual. - TeeCee

> our projects are only 1 mile between each other

That's what petrol engines are for.

Sounds to me as if you'd be waaay better off both mechanically and financially with an LPG, CNG or Hybrid/Electric vehicle in your line of work. Most of the courier companies operating around London have already gone this route for precisely this reason. They "greenwash" it in publicity, but the real reason is the fleet lads know you'd be insane to use diesels for short multidrop runs.

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VW Crafter CR35 2.5TDI - DPF!!! As usual. - Med

Hi TeeCee, good morning - thanks for your input.

You're right, but when i say they are 1 mile between each other - the projects are due to finish in 5 months, after that a new contract has been signed thats 18 miles away from our offices. At the time of getting this van on lease we came from a ford transit which didn't have the DPF, as our driving distances are mixed being that our home is about 25 miles from work we didn't even bother thinking about electronic.

The thing that i fail to understand, or perhaps fail to accept is that all vans that drive around London cannot be LPG/CNG/Hybrid or electric. VW do not sell vans of this style, well they don't in the dealership i go to anyway.

If i accept the van back and convert it to LPG it will void the lease terms and conditions. Where does this leave us now? With a van that is just not suitable for town driving, moreso don't work even when we regenerate it on long runs.

Do you class it as an acceptable conclusion from VW of a 5,500 mile service interval and weekly recovery? I cant get my head round it.

VW Crafter CR35 2.5TDI - DPF!!! As usual. - TeeCee

Amongst the "big boys", gas is pretty much de rigeur and 'leccy vans are now in extended evaluation as are "extended range" hybrids. Most manufacturers will supply gas vans "off the shelf" if asked, the others tend to be volume prototypes so far.

Of the gas types, CNG is preferred. For anything that returns to base at the end of each round and so can be hooked to an onsite compressor running off mains gas to refuel, this is the most cost effective option.

As you have a compression ignition engine, you would be a bit stuffed as regards converting your existing vehicle anyway.

No I do not class that as an acceptable conclusion. If you told VW what the thing was to be used for, as it is patently unsuited to that use I reckon the words "not fit for purpose" could be accurately used......

VW Crafter CR35 2.5TDI - DPF!!! As usual. - Eugen Birzovan

Hello , did you resolve this problem ? I have a Crafter wich is doing the same s***.

VW Crafter CR35 2.5TDI - DPF!!! As usual. - PETER 4768

Simple but illegal solution offered by lots of companies is DPF Deletion


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