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Tradesmen losing screws - sb10

I dont know about anyone else, but I am sick of replacing tyres because of tradesmen who cannot be bothered to pick up the screws they drop in the road,this morning I had to replace another tyre, 3rd one this month,that picked up 3 4inch self tapers over a six inch area of tyre

So if you drop screws or nails in the road out the back of your motor,please pick them up instead of leaving them for someone to get a puncture from........thank you!

Tradesmen losing screws - Ethan Edwards

and my wife thinks I'm nuts. When we're out walking and I see screws or nails in the road I pick them up and drop them downthe nearest drain. So did my late Dad.

Exactly for that reason to save some one's tyres.

Tradesmen losing screws - Ethan Edwards


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Tradesmen losing screws - bathtub tom

I've a theory about this.

Tradesman drop a box of screws in the back of his van and some/all fall out. He thinks I'll tidy that up later!!!

Every time he goes into the back of his van more of these screws move towards the back and some get dragged out with whatever he removes.

Have you ever met a tidy tradesman?

Tradesmen losing screws - jamie745

Tradesmen pull off a magnificent feat of engineering everyday with all the junk they manage to fit on the dashboard of a Ford Transit.

Tradesmen losing screws - fredthefifth

Agree with the sentiment of this thread. Touch wood its been a couple of yeares since my last puncture but I've had a few and a screw, a bit ot hard plastc that looked like a top of a pen, a large bolt and oh yes a screw and a nail have all been causes. Even changed my route to work once in the belief that a particular bit of road through and industrial estate was the cause but like you say they are everwhere.

I too remove them


PS I live next door to a chippy!!!! :-(

Tradesmen losing screws - 1litregolfeater

Any screws and nails I find go in my buckets when I get home so I can repair anything, amazed everyone doesn't do this.

Tradesmen losing screws - madf

Shhh. I once collected on my morning run some 30 posidrive screws left all over the raod and in the gutters.

Plus one toolbox(small), insulating tape rolls, soldering iron, pliars, files, heavy duty stapler and a hammer...

Tradesmen losing screws - sb10

madf,you have a nice collection there,tools I find all the time in the road due to so many garages in my area.

But my tyres appear to be magnetic as no one else I know gets as many punctures as me(we have a laugh about it) but it does become annoying when you see screws/nails dropped on the road and kicked into the kerb.

Oh well,thats life..

Tradesmen losing screws - dadbif
We obviously need a type of roadsweeper with a large electro magnet mounted in front of the vehicle.....
Tradesmen losing screws - oldroverboy
We obviously need a type of roadsweeper with a large electro magnet mounted in front of the vehicle.....

What's a roadsweeper, never see one here! or a pavement sweeper.

Tradesmen losing screws - jamie745

Why a roadsweeper? Lets all drive round for a week with a big magnet on our front bumpers and see what we collect!

Tradesmen losing screws - Bobbin Threadbare

Those are called 'pocket screws'. They're left over when a man builds or fixes something so he puts them in his pocket.

I collect the elastic bands that the postman drops; I wouldn't like to see anyone's dog snaffle one up or something like that.

Tradesmen losing screws - jamie745

Recently my postman left one of those red cards to alert me to 'attempted delivery' and i wasnt sure what it was and i'd ordered nothing which wouldnt fit through a letterbox. So i went down the post office collection thingy and they handed me a massive pile of letters all tied up with a red band. I tried to explain if they took the band off they'd fit them all through maybe in two piles but this logic seemed lost on them....

Tradesmen losing screws - Roly93
We obviously need a type of roadsweeper with a large electro magnet mounted in front of the vehicle.....

I think these do exist

Tradesmen losing screws - Roly93

My wife gets loads of punctures fro some reason but only does minscule mileage compared to me.

Last year she went to a branch of Carpet Right and a few days later, I was pulling 2 carpet tacks out of one of her tyres.

So the tradesman-screws tacks falling out of the back seems to be the scenario here also.

Tradesmen losing screws - jamie745

Every car should be fitted with a magnetic strip under the numberplate and car parks should have magnetic street lamps. To get them strong enough you may end up with the cars being sucked onto the street lamps and people hanging by their watches from it but it would be amusing.

Tradesmen losing screws - TeeCee

I suppose that was to be expected in a topic about loose screws......

Tradesmen losing screws - Avant

It could have been worse - we might have got on to prison warders' questionable morals.

Tradesmen losing screws - rogue-trooper
Agree. Used to live in town where many of the neighbours were doing work. Puncture on average of about once every 3 months. Moved out 15 months ago and not one puncture.
Tradesmen losing screws - jamie745

Do people not sweep up anymore? Britain suffering from some sort of broom shortage?!?


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