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Hi I have a Jeep cherokee 2.5 sport 1996 I recently dropped the only remote I have and now I cannot start the car due to the immobiliser.

The problem I have is the type of remote that I have is not what you would normally have for a 1996 version. Mine is a one button its black rectangular about 2inches long and 1 inch wide.

For this type of year it should be a two button remote. The dealer had never seen this type so I took the receiver from the roof which is just a black dome (no console) to the dealer and there was a part number on the back which does refer to a keyless entry receiver for a 1996 xj jeep. 56006908.

They said to try may and scofield as they fitted the aftermarket alarms when they get shipped in at southhampton.

They said it was not one of there's, I have tried jeep head office and I am still waiting for a reply.

If you type the above part number into google with "jeep receiver" after it does come up with the diagram but the remote fob that it says goes with it 56009031 when you type that in it comes up with a normal two button jeep remote.

First of all what I am trying to find out is is it possible that it was originally a two button remote and is it possible that someone has over the years replaced it with a one button, is that infact possible to do? and if so if I bought a two button one could I program it in?

The other thing is the remote in the diagram actually seems to show a one button type but as I say if you type the part number into google up comes a two buttom remote. (any idea's??)

(I even managed to get hold of the guy who bought the jeep originally but he couldnt remember what type of remote he had)

The key fob or the receiver have no make on them, the siren has CJI (crysler jeep import on it). So its obviously somehow a connected to jeep but as I said the dealer said they have never seen one like it.

If no-one can help on the above question can someone tell me a possible way to bypass it. I have seen a couple of posts that say there should be a white plug with lots of black wires going to it under the dash but I dont have that. I dont have an overide switch I have searched everywhere.

By putting a feed to two of the wires in the connector in the roof for the receiver I can get the central locking to open and close,

When I try and start the car the check engine light comes on and thats it, normally if I hadnt started the car in 30secs after using the remote I would have to close and open the doors again via the remote to disengage the immobiliser.

The feed for the check engine light is also the feed from the barrel when the key is in the on position to the connector for the receiver, so obvioulsy this is the feed through the receiver board to de-activate the immobiliser.

I cant bypass the receiver board by just putting a feed across though so am I right in assuming the codes for the immobiliser are stored on this board and if so could I just get second hand board if I can find one with the correct remote with it and just fit that?

Hope this all makes sense!!!

Jeep Cherokee - 1996 jeep immobiliser problem wont start - Avant

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