Immobiliser Repairs - G Perry
Does anyone know where I can get a Bosch immobiliser repaired ? I have spoken to Bosch but because it was an Bosch Australia import to the UK they do not support it, and a main dealer only wants to replace the whole thing at great cost. I am certain that there is not much wrong with it as the fault is intermitent.
Re: Immobiliser Repairs - Ash Phillips
An intermittent fault with anything electronic is probably one of the worst faults you can have - will cost more in labour to find/sort than a replacement, as a rule of thumb. Could be simple such as loose wire/component, but could take hours(days!!) to find. Try to locate the wiring youself and clean contacts, after that you could be at the mercy of the current without a paddle. It could work out a lot cheaper to get the replacement unless you get lucky.

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