Citroen Saxo - Broken Into - fredthefifth

Hi All, I won't post too much detail but a friend has just had his W plate Saxo broken into by a very simple method that involved a small hole in the right place and the mechanism presumably being tripped by a thin screwdriver blade or something.

He has reported to the Police but isn't intending to go through insurance (would appreciate any thoughts on that!) but main point of this post for those that are aware of the problem is what is the cheapest fix.

Thanks for any help.


Citroen Saxo - Broken Into - madf

Old as hills.. happened to son.

If he's leaving stuff in his car in fulll view, his best fix is not to.

Citroen Saxo - Broken Into - fredthefifth

Thanks, its a new one on me though. Do you know if its a problem on newer cars too?

Citroen Saxo - Broken Into - jamie745

There was no mention of leaving things in the car or anything being taken. Were they trying to steal the car or take the stereo or something?


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