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Ford C-MAX 2005 1.6 TDCI CVT - EGR Failure, again! - Tony King

After 37000 miles, mostly motorway, ENGINE SYSTEM FAILURE warning was displayed accompanied with a loss of engine power. Recycling the ignition temporarily cleared the fault and restored the power. A visit to the Ford Main dealer cost me nearly £500 for a diagnostic (£200) and a new EGR Valve. Now after a further 19000 miles the same symptoms have occurred. Not wishing to pay £200 for the diagnosis, I had already bought an OBDII reader. It confirmed EGR problems. I removed the valve myself hoping to clean it out and save myself £500. On dismantling the valve I found that the two roller bearing races in the operating mechanism had completely disintegrated. Should a new EGR valve last longer than 19000 miles?

Ford C-MAX 2005 1.6 TDCI CVT - EGR Failure, again! - daveyjp

£300 to fit a new one sounds like a rip off. A new one for my Jag 2.2 diesel was about £100 and took about 20 minutes to fit - my first one lasted about 23,000 miles. Knowing the trips I was doing would cause problems again I sold it and went back to a petrol.

For the inconvenience caused when they do go (limp mode etc) it's almost worth treating them as a service item and fitting a new one every couple of years to prevent problems.

How long they last depends very much on the trips you do and the fuels used.


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