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Hi all

I finally passed my test last year and picked up a V reg 306 1.4,. I'd loved 306s since I was a kid and despite a few niggling, typical Peugeot promblems with the car absolutely love it, it's comfortable, great fun to drive, feels a lot faster than it is due to the low seating position and makes a lovely little growl at high speeds.

I'm already saving up for something a bit better though, and should have about 2.5k to spend within the year. What would be a good "upgrade" for this price? Something that's practical and nippy yet not an absolute killer on insurance (I'll be 29 by then anyway so shouldn't get too hammered even on a GTI)

Currently I'm pondering a faster version of the 306 (GTI, Xsi or Rallye), a Golf between Marks 2 and 4, or a Polo gti from the early 2000s.

Any ideas much appreciated!

Good Second car? - oldtoffee

I'd avoid the Mk3 Golf GTi - I had one and it was an overweight and underpowered dog. Polo GTi is better but quite small so may not met your practical needs. Mk4 Golfs with the 1.8T engine are better but much more cash. 306 GTI would be great if a little thirsty and insurance could be a show stopper. Maybe a tidy 306D Turbo - practical, comfy, economical and nippy even more so if you remap it and use a specialist insurance broker to get a competitive quote.

As you haven't dismissed French cars out of sight, maybe a Citroen C2 GT? Toyota Celica GT - nice car not hugely practical though.

Good Second car? - Sam49

I would look at these but also explore the unusual. I'm sticking to my usual habit of recommending Japanese, so:

Mazda 323f 2.0 Sport - 130bhp+, sub 10 sec 0-60, nigh on 130mph. Ok, not a rocketship but more than fast enough. Google image it and check out those front spotlights!

In addition to the sharp performance you also get exclusivity value, bullet proof reliability, air con and other toys plus a very spacious and practical interior.

You can get early 2000s ones for peanuts. Why? Because few people know about them!

Good Second car? - Bobbin Threadbare

Ooo I'm with oldtoffee on the Celica. My husband has one - it's a beast! Goes like s*** off a stick, leather inside, not bad on the fuel econ/tax and middling insurance. Full size spare wheel too. Toyota reliability and a fun, sporty ride. I am only allowed to borrow the Celica occasionally unfortunately as it is Mr Bobbin's baby. They're reasonably priced but they keep their value if well looked after as it's novelty factor (last ones made have 56 plates). As for practicality...? Ok you can't get anyone in the back seat (Mr Bobbin is 6 ft 3) but the boot is huge for a car of that type.

Good Second car? - john96

Sam, 323s have the same problem as the 626, RUST!!

I have the 136 bhp engine in my 626, I get about 35 mpg. Owned the car nearly 3 years and apart from routine maintenence, my only drama has been the parking brake at every mot!!

Good Second car? - Pizza man

2 litre mondeo/focus? possibly diesel?

Audi avant TDi or smaller petrols?


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