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New Citreon - harry
What does anyone make of this new Citroen C5 thingy? Didn't Clive Sinclair do the design?

Actually, looking at the styling the car reminds me of Barbra Streisand but I can't immagine why, he he.
Citroen C5 - David Lacey
I had heard somewhere - could have been here - that it had recieved a lukewarm reception
I saw one on the road yesterday - yes I think it looks a little 'odd' but I think we will grow to accept it
I remember my dad having one of the new Sierras back in the early 80's (Y reg I think) and everybody thought it looked odd - how things don't change eh?
Citroen Car Club thoughts. - David Woollard
Our monthly magazine arrived today and Cliff who writes the Xantia column was commenting on the C5.

His sources said the dealers were waiting for the estate to help pull sales along. He also commented that large discounts were available already and there were few to be seen on the M25.

Perhaps I'll be able to afford one in 5 years not 10.

Re: Citroen Car Club thoughts. - Ian Cook
I seem to remember that the Xsara had a very slow start too. I guess some models don't quite catch the imagination from a styling point of view (early Sierra was another example).
Re: Citroen C5 - Stuart B
It looks as though the wheels are too small in diameter, there is a big gap between wheels and arches.
But then Citroëns always were different, remember the headlights which swivelled following the direction of the front wheels (DS21?) whatever happened to that idea?
Citroen C5 Estate and DS lamps. - David Woollard
Those DS lamps were the most amazing light source for winding roads, just too expensive to produce now I suppose.

I've ben worried about the looks of the C5 so far.....but got up close to a C5 Estate in the dealers last week, what a monster car, very much in the old Citroen Safari mould.

Guess one might be on the list for us in about 10 years!

Re: Citroen C5 Estate and DS lamps. - harry
When I was looking for an MR2 I discovered that some of the imported jobs allegedly had swivelling front fog lamps! So, maybe the idea is alive and well afterall. It's just a pity that manufacturers seem to load up their cheaper Euro cars with kit and ship us the poverty spec expensive stuff. Who won the war anyway?
Re: Citroen Car Club thoughts. - honest john
Separate road tests of the C5 and C5 estate on this site. Discounts have been there to be had from kick-off. But the estate is the one to go for. It actually looks about right, unlike the hatchback which is strangely weird at the back.


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