Automatic Cutting Off - Moosa Bhamjee
Can anyone help me with an intermittent ongoing problem. I have a Toyota Space Cruiser automatic, and every time I accelerate, to pick up speed whilst taking off from staionary, the carb overfuels?, I have to release the accelerator, and them very gently start to accelerate again before the vehicle will drive normally. But in Londons slow moving traffic it will always cut off, when I have to start again, high rev, and drive off.

At speed the problem seems to disappear. Any suggestions for this problem, and its cure.


Cutting out - David Lacey
It sounds a though the engine could be flooding
Check the carburettor float level (I take it this vehicle (Jap Import??) has a carb...?)
Or it could be an accelerator pump problem, delivering too much fuel for some reason
If you don't really know what you are doing, best pay somebody who does - poor workmanship on the fuel system leads to fires and nobody wants that..
Re: Cutting out - Moosa Bhamjee
Is an accelerator pump the same as a fuel pump?. Apparently, my local toyota dealer's spare parts sales rep. has never heard of an 'accelerator pump' in fifteen years.
Re: Cutting out - John Slaughter

No, it's not. It's a carburettor component, which is why the dealer hasn't heard of it for a while. This is why David expressed surprise that your car was fitted with a carburettor, and not fuel injection.


Dealer Product Knowledge - David Lacey
Oh dear what is this world coming to?
Parts personell of 15 yrs vintage not knowing what parts constitute a carburettor!
That's why I send my parts guys on new model technical training courses as and when, alongside our technicians - so that they can understand today's/yesterday's motor cars and components.
Re: Cutting out - steve paterson
If it is a fuel problem, it sounds more like a weak mixture. Lots of possibilities depending on what type of carb is fitted. Accelerator pump not working, blocked jets, split diaphragms etc. It's always best to check the ignition system first anyway as HT faults often show up when accelerating and disappear when idling or cruising
Re: Cutting out - John Slaughter

Yes, it struck me this may well be a weak mixture problem - typically, as you say the accelerator pump not working or a blocked jet. Came across an Escort once where corrosion prevented the pump jet lever from completing its full stroke.


Re: Cutting out - peter
I posted a query sometime ago about an old 1.7 Volvo 340 w Solex carb that had a cutting out problem on RH bends, particularly Roundabouts. I received various good suggestions but none that appeared to be the root cause. In the end I found that the mixture had become VERY rich at low speeds (partly due to blocked crankcase ventilation pipe directly to inlet manifold) and the effect of cornering must have been to Over richen and flood the engine with petrol causing it to stall!

Probably due to float chamber level as well but that looks a bastard job...

Moral is with carburation problems check the simple things first!

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