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Citroen Berlingo Multispace - Fuel starvation - Townhead

I have a 1.6 diesel 57 model. About 3 months ago whenever I went around a corner or round a roundabout and vehicle was off the level the oil warning light would come on but immediately stop when vehicle was back on the level. I took this to local garage who said that there was plenty of oil and not to worry.

A couple of weeks later turbo went and I had a £1200 bill.

Oil management light continued to come on and four weeks later the turbo has gone again. The garage dealing with can not find any issues but the turbo manufacturer is saying that this is a fuel starvation problem.

Any ideas would be welcome!

Citroen Berlingo Multispace - Fuel starvation - mr spanners

fuel starvation would cause running problem, oil warning light is related to oil pressure - lack of oil is the commom problem - (french diesel engines are quiet leaky) if the levels fine- i would have the sensor tested if thats good then the oil pump is prolly shot causing no oil feed to the turbo and the rest of the engine - this may get expensive if not sorted quickly- best of luck


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