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Hi, I have a Peugeot 206 1.4 petrol, L/H drive, 2001 manufacture.

Recently it got to the point where the noise from a worn out clutch thrust got on my nerves, so it had to be changed. I had a local mechanic in Spain (where the car is kept) change the complete clutch assembly and cable. The cable was a genuine Peugeot part (or so I'm told) but the rest of the assembly was not.

My problems started when I went to collect the car, the noise had gone but I was left with a gearbox that crunched/crashed in and out of 3rd gear and I am totally unable to drop down into 2nd gear from 3rd unless going really slowly. Other gears feel notchy, feels a bit like the syncromesh has gone.

The mechanic thought it was caused by the new cable being defective and fitted another new one, but after the change still no improvement!

Now he is not interested any more, saying he did his job of changing the clutch and the gear selection is nothing to do with him!.... Even when I point out the car only went in with a noisy thrust and had a perfect gear change.

I thought it could be a problem with the new cables not adjusting correctly, and read through a workshop manual where it said the minimum movement of the clutch release arm at the gearbox should be a minimum of 24mm, my measurement of the arm movement is exactly 23mm with full pedal movement.

I am also being told that he could have damaged the selector rods from the box to the gear stick when removing the gearbox. I'm not sure how this could cause the problem but then people say 206's do have problems with these rods.

Also I'm told he could have put the clutch plate in the wrong way round, but again I'm not sure if this is possible, and if it is would it cause the gear selection and noise problems?

I have checked the fluid level and all seems ok although I can't say if it is the correct fluid, but I would have thought even if it was the wrong fluid the gearbox would have worked for a few miles after collection.

I'm now at a loss as what to do other than to take it to the local Spanish Peugeot Main Dealer and pay to have the job done again, at great cost!
Can anybody shed some light on what the problem might be as I can imagine the main dealer saying I need a new gearbox!

Many Thanks
Peugeot 206 1.4L - Clutch/Gearbox problem - Peter D

Where is the biting point of the clutch.

Engine off neutral, press the clutch to the floor and allow your foot to slip off the clutch so it slam up against the stop. If this cable has a an auto adjusted it will kick into action and take up the slack. Regards Peter

Peugeot 206 1.4L - Clutch/Gearbox problem - injection doc

sounds to me like the clutch isnt disengaging fully ! If you select reverse does it crunch ? if so dont drive it far as you will shorten the life of the gearbox.

As Peter has already mentioned the cable adjustment may be incorrect, but depending on the make of clutch that has been fitted ! I wonder if its a cheap recon or remanufactured clutch ! horrid things on a small car. I would of fitted a Sachs or valeo clutch kit as the valeo would of been OE for the car.

Clutch forks are prone to cracking on these preventing full clutch operation as well !

If the cable is ok it counds like the jobs needs doing again ! cheap job = time and time again !

Peugeot 206 1.4L - Clutch/Gearbox problem - unthrottled

cheap job = time and time again !

That's a bit harsh! I'd expect an indie mechanic to do a simple job like this without making a hash of it! The OP has been treated disgracefully.

It could be any of the three things mentioned above-but I'd start with the assumption that the clutch isn't fully disengaging. To find out, jack the front end up so both wheels are off the ground. Start the engine and push the clutch right in. If the wheels continue to turn then the clutch isn't disengaging. Then you go straight back to Manuel and get him to put it right!

The car car be driven with a dodgy clutch if you double clutch and rev match. It's a bit of a chore, but in the good ol' days, everyone (sort of) managed it!

Peugeot 206 1.4L - Clutch/Gearbox problem - wombatch

Hi, I would be interested if you ever made any progress on this. We have exactly the same problem on our 206 1.4L. The gearbox was working perfectly, went to have the clutch changed and now it is not. The garage that did it complained lots, told us they would change the clutch again (of course you never know if they did) it got a little better but they thought we should change the gearbox. Took it to a main Peugeot dealer who spent a while checking and decided that the gearbox needed changing as well, personally I am not so convinced. Unless the garage that changed the clutch dropped the gearbox while they were doing the job I dont really see a connection (in my day a clutch was on the end of the real gearbox and was pretty simple affair) between the cltuch and the problem with 3rd gear, it seems much more likely to me that is is a bent or damaged linkage (have you seen all those bits moving about the outside of the box when you change gear?). Anyway, if you make any progress it would be good to hear about it, and if I find anything I'll let you know.


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