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Hey guys i have just bought a nissan 350z from a car dealer, the engine light came on, the CD player didnt work a slow puncture, side ligh was out and missing an arial, i fixed the tyre the side light and bought a replacement arial (trust me i am not moaning about these). I rang him and told his about the enigen light he then told me to bring it in. I took it to Quick fit to see what was worng with it, and if it was simple get it fixed.Quick fit told me that the middle CAT is faulty, (what does this mean to some one with no car experience). I then took the car back to Chester to be looked at. He had the car the weekend and he said is was all sorted except the CD player which when i was back next he will send it off to be looked at. FRIDAY 28 JAN till SUNDAY 30 JAN-


Few days later the light came back on and the exhaust started blowing, my mate looked at it and said take it back, the pipe has come apart and the back box mufflers are lose I rang him again and he told me to bring it in. i am in the Army and was working away so the car did not get used for three weeks untill i drove abck to chester to take the car in. when i took the car in some one while the car was parked out side the Garage scaped all down the side of it and pushed the left wing up on to the light. The guy came out and said he would fix it all. i was gutted and left him to it. He kept the car for the week and i picked it up the following week.. SAT 26 FEB TILL SAT 5 MAR


MONDAY 7 MARCH 2days after i had the car back, the exhaust had been gum gumed and the back box was making more noisy and was rattling when i took my foot off the excelerator, i rang him again and told him i would bring it back in when i finish on my course down in Brecon. harldey used the car for 3 weeks, took it back in MONDAY 28 MARCH I told him what i though and he said he would look at it. i called in on TUESDAY 29 MARCH and he had sent the car to a NISSAN gargage. I then went to the NISSAN gargage and the tect there said that the CAT was damaged and the back box is making to much noisy. They informed the car gargage i bought the car from. i then rang the car gargage on WEDNESDAY 30 MARCH and he said the car is still down at NISSAN and nissan have told him the CAT needs replacing thats why the engine light keeps coming on, the Car garage then told me this cant be right and will cost £2000, he said he is going get one of his guys to look at it later today.

I no this is long and a bit sketchy but am i still under warranty as i bught the car JAN 15 2011. Also does he have to pay if the car needs fixing. thanks very much for those who repley.

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As a consumer you have certain rights when faced with a newly bought second hand vehicle from a Trader which has defects.

Look no further than this advice from HJ:

If yoyu want free verbal confirmation as to these rights nip into your local Trading Standards Office of you Local Council.


Nissan 350Z - car warranty - LucyBC

The car is not up to standard and you almost certainly have grounds to get it fixed at the dealer's expense.

I can do a free assessment as to prospects for success. We almost always deal with these cases on a no-win-no-fee basis where the fee is fixed so you know what you are paying from the outset. You will noit get a bill from us unless we reach an agreed outcome.

We will need the following information to asses your case:

Vehicle: Make, model, year, registration plate, date of purchase, purchase price, mileage at purchase and mileage now.

Your details: Name, address and contact number.

Dealer details: Name, address, branch and contact name for anyone you dealt with plus their email address(es) if possible.

Also a detailed timeline of what happened when.

Please send the above to in order that we can assist you further.


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