Hyundai Tucson - Tucson diesel fuel consumption - V69

I'm negotiating to buy a used Hyundai Tucson 2.00 CRTD Limited (56 plate) from a main dealer. Because of my location, coastal/rural with appalling roads, it ticks all the boxes for my present needs and is clearly a straight vehicle in every respect as, at present, it belongs to the wife of one of the directors, so no worries on that score. I am a little concerned, however, about fuel consumption of this model which seems to have been a bone of contention between owners and Hyundai. The official combined mpg is quoted as 39.2 but I have read reports of owners achieving only 22/23mpg even taking into account the fact that the trip computer works in US gallons. Most people seem to achieve around 25/27mpg, still quite a long way from the official figure. To be honest, even if these figures are correct, it won't put me off buying the car as it won't be doing huge mileages and in my view, 39mpg seems unrealistic for quite a big SUV which must have the drag coefficiency of a flying brick but I would be interested to hear the views of any other contributors to this forum who run this model.

Hyundai Tucson - Tucson diesel fuel consumption - malcolmg

I have the same model,bought new in 2007, It has done 45000 miles, a mixture of driving, mostly less that 10 miles each way. Winter local driving 30ish to the gallon, over 40 on a run. I strongly recommend this car.

Hyundai Tucson - Tucson diesel fuel consumption - V69

Thanks very much. Your very positive comments have set my mind at rest. Will definitely be buying this one if, on Monday when I view it, it is fully as described.


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