VW Mk 4 Golf Door Seals - VW Mk 4 Golf Door Seals - C12

I have a Mk 4 Golf. It seems that the door seals have now seen better days and are letting in moisture, so much so after the adverse weather we had over the Christmas period my doors would freeze shut and now part of the seal has ripped off the top of the door and stuck to the seal on the frame of the car

The seals themselves seem to be pretty useless there quite thin not rubber like at all and they almost have a ‘moss’ like texture to them to the point where they seem almost mouldy because of the damp, the windows steam easily and in cold conditions there is frost on the inside of my front window.

When I wash the car they let in water, not a huge amount as yet but enough for me to have to dry around the top off the door frame.

There is no other damp in the car but im concerned that if I don’t get this repaired it could only cause worse problems.

Is it possible to buy new strips to replace these, will they have to come from a VW dealer? Is it something I can do myself?

Any help would be much appreciated.



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