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Clio 1149 D7F engines - andyeb
I have a T reg Renault Clio 1.2 petrol (1149cc) with no trim and 44k on the clock.

I have just read on the car-by-car breakdown:

In "what to watch out for"

"On 1,149cc D7F engines it is essential to change the timing belt, tensioners and the water pump every 3 years of 36,000 miles (whichever comes first)."

How can I tell if I have a D7F engine? If I have a 1.2, do I definitely have a D7F? Are there any ways to tell by looking under the bonnet?

The water pump went and was changed under warrantee about a year ago, but I'm very concerned about the timing belt issue; I don't want it going on the motorway on the way to/from work (50 mile round trip a day, 60% of which is motorway).

On the other hand I imagine the labour is going to be expensive (not to mention parts) and given I'm currently moving house, I can't afford to splash out without good cause.

Any advice or help much appreciated.

Clio 1149 D7F engines - Baskerville
At 44k and almost four years (?) I'd change it anyway. The expenses (and danger) involved in having it break are far worse than fixing it now, and they will not be predictable. Think of it as insurance.
Clio 1149 D7F engines - Andrew-T
Andyeb - if your car has a handbook, look at the Engine Spec. table and find which Vehicle Types correspond to the D7F Engine Type (in my edition they are BB0A and BB0F). Then check the VI plate in the driver's door opening - the group after 'VF1' shows the Vehicle Type. Alternatively you can look at the Engine Plate stuck on the block near the dipstick (much harder to see).
Clio 1149 D7F engines - Richard Hall
I have a T reg Renault Clio 1.2 petrol (1149cc) with
no trim

No trim? Even my old Citroen AX10 wasn't *that* basic....

Seriously though, do you have a record of the warranty work done? If they changed the water pump, and it is driven off the cambelt, almost certainly the belt will have been changed at the same time, in which case you can relax. Even if you weren't charged anything, you should still have been given an invoice. Or go back to the garage and ask them to look at their records.

Richard Hall

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