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APCOA Parking Ticket - Problem_Polo :-/

Hi all, any advice would be welcome on this one.

I returned to my car this afternoon to be greeted by the pleasant sight of a yellow sticker on the windscreen, courtesy of the Apcoa gorillas. I was parked in my works' car park, but in the wrong section. We have an 'indoors' and an 'outdoors' section, with our permanent work permits only valid outdoors. Having lost mine I am currently using a temporary one which I had thought was valid indoors, but seemingly not. I will obviously take this up at work, but assuming that they aren't interested, is there anything work looking at to avoid handing over £50 to this bunch of ______?! A lot has been said on this forum about simply ignoring correspondance, however this was a 'proper' ticket issued to the car, not posted, and issued by a proper little man in a hi-viz (bless him) rather than a shady CCTV operation. I imagine Apcoa and their delightful 'World of Parking' (!!) to be rather good at collecting their fines?

Any widsom much appreciated, Ta.

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APCOA Parking Ticket - Dwight Van Driver

Look at the ticket.

Does it say PENALTY CHARGE NOTICE? If it does then it has statutory authority and should be paid if you have no grounds for appeal.

If it says PARKING CHARGE NOTICE (which I suspect) it is private contract between the driver and the owners of the land and if they wish to recover fees then they have to establish who the driver was. In these cases the reg keeper of the offending vehicle has no obligation to identify and name the driver . The consensus of opinion on here is to ignore everything and keep your £50.

Protections of Freedom Bill 2011 due for its second reading next month will change this and give private ticket issuers power to chase up payments.


APCOA Parking Ticket - Problem_Polo :-/

Hi dvd, thanks for your reply.

The actual wording on the top of the paperwork says "Civil Parking Notice", and a note at the bottom states that Apcoa will apply to the DVLA for details etc etc. Also lots of heavily-worded lines about a summons being issued in Court if they don't get their payment/profit.


APCOA Parking Ticket - Dwight Van Driver

Its a civil jobbie.

They will have to identify the driver to take the matter to Court. They apply to DVLA for reg keeper who has no obligation to provide details of the driver so they are somewaht up a gum tree. Threats and nuisance mail follow in an attempt to get the fee all of which should be filed WPB.



Bill before Parliament at the mo, expected to be law by end of year, which will end this loophole.



APCOA Parking Ticket - 75_RJH


Is it still the case that these can be ignored? I’ve just found out that my wife received 2 of these from APCOA last week for parking in the same place at work that she always has. They are asking for £25 each (or £15 each if paid within 7 days) so £30 is better than £50 if we’ve got to pay them but soul destroying either way.

She’s going to have to start walking at this rate!


APCOA Parking Ticket - Bromptonaut

AFAIK the Localism Bill mentioned above is not yet an act. Once it is Govt will presumably move to 'commence' the section providing for owner liability. Until then the previous advice that these things are nigh on unenforceable still applies.

However, if your wife is likely to return to the car park concerned then I guess clamping as a 'repeat offender' might be a risk.

APCOA Parking Ticket - rtj70

>> She’s going to have to start walking at this rate!

Or paying for parking? Parking in the space you always do doesn't mean you can.

Parking at the main station car park for us can be £15/day too. And that's the going rate.

APCOA Parking Ticket - ifithelps

Bromptonaut is spot on, this can be safely ignored.

Having said that, rtj has a point.

I received a private ticket for parking in a hospital - £15 if paid straight way.

I paid it on the basis it would have cost £3 or £4 to park anyway, and it was worth the extra for parking near to where I wanted to be.

Perhaps wrongly, I hoped some of my money might filter back to hospital funds.

What I will not pay is private tickets issued in shopping centres, motorway service areas and the like.

I have two of those, both more than a year old.

There have been about six or seven threatening letters for each, but they are just that, threats.

But no one likes getting threatening letters - me included - so my policy is to avoid getting one of these tickets if possible.

APCOA Parking Ticket - concrete

I would urge all 'members' of this forum to write to their MP and to the supermarkets and service area CEO's and declare your opposition to the impending Bill. This private parking scam should not be tolerated, but the changes will be horrendous. No way out for any unwary motorist(sorry, cash cow). Oppose this now or the consequences will be unbearable. Can you imagine what these private parking sharks would be like if they have the leagal right to enforce these spurious demands for money? To your letters eveyone. Best of luck. Concrete

APCOA Parking Damage - RG1949

I parked at Manchester Piccadilly Rail multi-storey car park for 3 days until Sunday. When I returned it was dark wet and blowing a gale. The exit was automatic gate.

This morning I saw my car in light for 1st time and find I have 3 areas of limescale drip damage on my roof and side windows and passenger door. The drips have come from the roof of the car park as I saw many stalagmites already formed from previous water drips in the roof sections.

I realise that there was a standard damage & theft disclaimer at the entrance, but this damage has not been caused by a 3rd party but by the APCOA owned car park building iteself.

I want to have my car's paintwork returned to the same condition it was in before I used and paid APCOA for their car park; could someone advise me how to proceed?

APCOA Parking Damage - Bromptonaut

Is the damage really permanent?

Most of these things are removed by a good wash or faiing that a wax polish or other proprietary remedy.

APCOA Parking Damage - RG1949

Will take car to local Ford Dealership for their opinion.

APCOA Parking Damage - Brit_in_Germany

Tights go down, mites go up, if I am not mistaken.

APCOA Parking Damage - sumpnut

Used to have this problem of limescale drips where I worked and many people damaged their paint by trying to remove it with cutting polish. In the end we found toilet cleaner with an acid base did the job. If this sounds a bit drastic try swabbing with vingar but do not rub it or scratches will apear. Try it on the glass first and rinse well after.

APCOA Parking Damage - sumpnut

(Duplicate post)

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