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any - radio interference and charger - ajsdoc

Have had a charging cradle professionally installed to charge my HTC desire phone in the car. I'm getting a problem that whenever the phone is charging I get radio interference - take the phone out and crystal clear reception.

I've had the car back to the installer who's taken the power supply from elsewhere but the problem persists. The cradle is wired from the fusebox and the "transformer box" for want of a better word is located behind it.

Installer seems genuinely bemused and it looks like we'll have to take it out. He suggests trying a new cradle. I just wonder if anyone might know the problem, I'm not convinced that swapping for a new one will be the answer.

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any - radio interference and charger - sb10

IIRC its called channel overlap that causes the interference,as far as I`m aware the only way out is to keep the phone as far away from the radio as to stop the interference, or put it in a tin which should cut it down a fair bit and its still usable

any - radio interference and charger - dereckr

It could be that the charger uses a switch mode power supply to reduce voltage to the phone. This might be causing interference across the radio bands when it is active (i.e. charging the phone). Have the installers fitted many of this make of charger?

They could try re-positioning the "transformer box" as you term it.


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