Mazda 6 - Petrol or Diesel - Mr D'Ivor

Is there a definitive answer to the question of Diesel or Petrol?

I'm looking to replace our present car, a 2002 Seat Toledo 1.9TDI SE, with something similar. The list has presently been whittled down to the Mazda 6, (room for children and all their kit/shopping etc). However usage is approx 10K per year most of which is by the wife on short trips.

The Toledo has been excellent, cheap to run and returned v good MPG despite the frequent short trips. However despite this I read the advise is now against diesel especiially with the advent of the DPF.

I have read all the issues surrounding the Mazda 6 2.0 diesel with regards to the DPF and believe this has been sorted in the new 2.2 version. However would we still encounter issues if we puchased the Mazda6 2.2 diesel for our purposes.

What alternatives could people suggest?


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WARNING !!!!! Stay well CLEAR of MAZDA - jamie745

Personally if i bought any car new and it was anything less than perfect the dealership would be taking delivery of the car through their front window.

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Mazda 6 - Petrol or Diesel - Falkirk Bairn

10K / yr - short journeys - petrol every time.

Thw diesel Mazda and any car fitted with DPF will not likw short start stop journeys.

Mazda are one of the biggest sufferers of diesel engines giving problems, had this discussion only last week with a salesman trying to sell a CX7 (3 yr old petrol) being a better buy that the current 2.3 Diesel

Mazda 6 - Petrol or Diesel - davmal
My experiences of Mazda would suggest that you keep whittling. Dealers were variable, Mazda UK were a wretched example of customer service and a paragon of deniability.
Of course I'm one unhappy customer amongst what may be many thousand satisfied customers, however, I shall not buy another Mazda.
Mazda 6 - Petrol or Diesel - turbo11

Whilst we on the other hand are very happy Mazda owners. I have a 21 month old 5, my wife has a four year old Mazda 3, and I had a Mazda 6 for five years. All bought new, and have been extremely reliable. The Mazda 6 TS2 petrol (hatchback) covered 95,000 fault free miles. Only tyres(Michelin HP-35K miles between replacement) and wipers changed.6K mile oil changes, and even after 5 years ran as sweet as a nut.Only sold it due to a growing family and required more boot space. Excellent customer service,particularly Mazda Aylesbury and Swindon.. Due to reported problems with the diesels, stick to petrol. I would buy another tomorrow without hesitation.

Mazda 6 - Petrol or Diesel - Mr D'Ivor

Thanks for the reply. What MPG were you getting on the Mazda 6? I'm worried with the frequent low milage town driving the return will be poor.

Mazda 6 - Petrol or Diesel - turbo11

Not sure what you would get round town as nearly all my mileage was dual carriageway/motorway. I regularly acheived 37-38mpg, and could get using V-power(optimax)40-42mpg if I drove like a vicar.At a guess, I would say 32-33mpg round town. The 2.0 petrol in my Mazda5 returns 36mpg on my now rural commute, dipping to 33 in the winter. These are all brim to brim measurements, and fairly accurate as all of my commutes are not influenced by traffic, due to my commute being outside of the rush hour.

Mazda 6 - Petrol or Diesel - Jamali

Had a 57 plate mazda 6 petrol for 6 years. I did 140k and it never once let me down once. During this six years I changed both front wheel bearings, rear break calipers played up once, aircon recharged and that's it. I changed the Oil and filter every 20k of mileage and and twice at 30k and engine was still as crisp and smooth as when it had 17k on the clock. I should add that I did motorway mileage. The car was very kind on the tyres. I managed 70k on brand new budget tyres . Fuel economy was around 42mpg.

Overall experience with Mazda was one of admiration. I would not hesitate to get another mazda whatsoever. Fantastic reliable car.

WARNING !!!!! Stay well CLEAR of MAZDA - muz1kman

WARNING : Stay well CLEAR of MAZDA altogether, a waste of money & time POOR POOR CAR & customer service. Quote from MAZDA EMPLOYEE "TOLD TO TELL CUSTOMER WHEN THEY COMPLAIN OR HAVE A FAULT "ITS THE CUSTOMERS FAULT" NOT DRIVING THE VEHICLE CORRECTLY" as for the MAZDA 6 2.0 TD THIS CAR IS A FINANCIAL NIGHTMARE WAITING TO HAPPEN , Riddled with DPF problems and many many faults related to the DPF read my previous posts, I will NEVER EVER buy another MAZDA CAR

do your homework and read the many thousand of posts of unsatisfied customers, please see the website campaign below forums

WARNING !!!!! Stay well CLEAR of MAZDA - turbo11

Funny that they always finish in the top ten for reliability then, and the Mazda 3 was rated by Which magazine as the most reliable small family car. Your experiences and some others are a minority. Yes the 2.0 diesel engine was a problem which Mazda should of remeded earlier, also many if not most manufacturers are struggling with DPF's used on short journeys. As I said previously our three Mazdas, admitedly petrol(165,000 miles total so far from new)have been paragons of reliability, and we would not hesitate to purchase another. Our neighbours have had a nightmare with their particular 2008 Passat estate, but I would never say that I wouldn't ever buy a VW.

WARNING !!!!! Stay well CLEAR of MAZDA - gordonbennet

On the other hand, Which obviously didn't contact the outlaws, who's 14 month old circa 12k miler 3 petrol managed to suffer complete clutch failure...all down to fair wear and tear apparently, which is odd considering they've been driving similarly (normal folk) for the last 35 years and all their previous Honda's clutch's managed to last the 3 to 4 years they were kept.

Lesson to be learned though....the parts to prove the normal wear and tear were disposed of, so be warned.

WARNING !!!!! Stay well CLEAR of MAZDA - turbo11

My wifes Mazda 3- over four years old hasn't even needed a bulb change since new.. Neighbour three doors from us has an 05 reg Mazda 3 diesel and 54 reg Volvo XC70 D5.Both from new have nearly 100,000 miles on without any problems.With most makes, you will always here from a dissatisfied customer, but not the tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

WARNING !!!!! Stay well CLEAR of MAZDA - Med

Hi All,

Turbo11 - you are right, people who have problems usually are the ones you see on websites complaining but that does not mean the problems should be brushed off - if the problem does not get fixed by the dealer when it should then people will pop online to find a solution and try and let everyone else know.

Most Mazda after mid 2005 production have a DPF system, so whilst on a minor scale i believe that your neighbour does not have the dreaded DPF unit fitted! In this case, type in google DPF Problems and it does not just relate to Mazda but all other makes. When the design first came out it was not implemented properly, being the technology was rushed and forced by the government.

I am still fighting my case against Mazda & will continue to do so until i prove the fault lies as an inherant defect. Most owners who have had issues which is in its thousands have paid for repairs to be carried out where they really shouldn't have. Mazda state for example that all DPF faults is because of the drivers style of driving.....

I'll give you an example....I had an engine run-away which simply put means the car lost control and sped up on its own. Fighting this for 2 years now & hearing many different reasons to why it happened, Mazda have finally came out with something......

You all know when to carry out your service right? are you aware that if you carry out something called "Regular start/stop driving" you should change you oil and oil filter every 6,250miles or less?? How the hell can you define regular driving?

Regular is not the same as frequent! Ok, so you travel from home to work and the distance is around 100 miles - you've noticed that on some days the traffic is ok and then some is bad but whereas we all know traffic can be spontanious....You've bought the diesel because you're carrying out long distance driving and it will work out cheaper for you,your getting stuck in approx 20 miles of traffic which is due from roadworks that hbave been planned to last for 1 or 2 years...this now means you're going to be doing "regular start/stop journeys" right?? which means you'll have to get your oil and oil filter changed every 6,250 miles or less.

What now happens if some days there are traffic and some days there are not? how would one know if they are carrying out regular start/stop driving or based in irregular? this is my argument, if Mazda for example were to state this as loud and as important as the usual 12,500 mile or 1 years service then i would have no leg to stand on.

Glad to hear your views.

Oh and, get a petrol - not a diesel...pre 2005 diesels, your ok.

WARNING !!!!! Stay well CLEAR of MAZDA - dieselnut

Most manufacturers will have thousands of satisfied customers & 0.00X% of dissatisfied customers. What sets one manufacturer from another is the way they deal with the dissatisfied ones.

It seems to me from reading various posts of peoples problems with the Mazda 6 diesel that Mazda are not interested in customer satisfaction, so I wouldn't by one.

As for a 100 mile journey being stop start if interupted by a hold up, how ludicrous. I can't recall many long journeys that arn't interupted by a delay or 2.

Surely a stop start journey is where you drive for 2/3 miles then park & leave the car for a while, then do the same again a number of times each day.

WARNING !!!!! Stay well CLEAR of MAZDA - turbo11

Med- I assume your run away engine was when the diesel had made its way into the sump, as it was being injected to burn off a clogged DPF. I assume the level was over the x mark. I have been lucky that my commutes have always been traffic free and quite long. 144 miles a day for four years.I check the air and fluids regularly- an automotive apprenticeship and over twenty five years in motorsport taught me to be thorough. I service mine and my wifes car every 6000 miles( sooner in stop/start town driving) Always have. Sorry to hear of your problem and unsatisfactory response from Mazda. I have always had good relations with Mazda and BMW.

WARNING !!!!! Stay well CLEAR of MAZDA - Med

Hi Turbo11,

Yes you're correct, from the information i have gathered over the 2 years of fighting this case with Mazda i understand that the oil will only rise when contaminated with diesel thus which is what leads to an engine run-away.

Diesel makes it's way through the sump mainly when a DPF regeneration fails on numerous attempts, where the regenerations use raw diesel, the cars injectors pump the fuel into the DPF filter to combust when the unit reaches 'Optimum' temperature. In my case, i've had multiple failed regenerations which never gave a warning. I check my oil every week as the handbook states but this over-run still occured and the oil was way over the X mark, on the week of the run-away i must have easily travelled about 800 miles +.

Had an oil dilution test which showed a 62% diesel in the sump.

You see the thing that i am seeing is that some dealers are treating the customers better than the rest and some warranty claims are accepted from Mazda Motors UK and some for the same problem get rejected. I can't see how that is justified!?

Why is it that the cars are being designed that can't be used or them not being designed really for traffic! how would you know when a traffic jam will happen...Imagine in my case? If i accepted a service from Mazda at the start and i read through all of this about over-runs etc i could be sitting in traffic with that worry the car will run-away on me.

As i said, i have been fighting my case for 2 years now and will be taking the selling dealer to court with a request that Mazda Motors UK be there. I had once questioned the head of customer service Mr. Robert Hancock in person at their office via a surprise visit - the engine run-away could NOT be justified...The design is wrong, it just shouldn't happen to ANY car...

You may be an automative apprentice, which is very good :) but what does that mean for the average driver who knows sod all about the in's and out's of these cars? unless its directly warned to us at the time of purchase and signed to prove the customer understands the design & a possible risk - would the manufacturers do that!? i very much doubt it as they would lose sales if everyone was aware of the DPF system!

WARNING !!!!! Stay well CLEAR of MAZDA - jamie745

Am i right in thinking that if you have a car fitted with this DPF system, if it works properly then just floor it up the dual carraigeway for 10 minutes once a week and it'll be fine?

WARNING !!!!! Stay well CLEAR of MAZDA - Med

You are correct, but thats the whole point - my car was always thrashed around! this is why Mazda state about the "Regular start/stop driving" which is non-sense.

I had the car from new and in 10 months i done 12,000 that short? lol

WARNING !!!!! Stay well CLEAR of MAZDA - Dutchie

You have been treated wrong by Mazda Med.All the problems you have had you deserve a new car.

Its a nonsens for Mazda to make excuses and if a car is not fit for purpose they should admit to this instead of hiding behind gobbly gook.

My driving style is regular stop start in a Focus tdci with the dpf filter.

WARNING !!!!! Stay well CLEAR of MAZDA - Med

Hi Dutchie, thanks for the kind words :)

Gives me more strength to continue fighting.

I am sure a court will see this as complete nonsense. I hope.

Edited by Med on 12/04/2011 at 22:30

WARNING !!!!! Stay well CLEAR of MAZDA - jamie745

Personally if i bought any car new and it was anything less than perfect the dealership would be taking delivery of the car through their front window.

WARNING !!!!! Stay well CLEAR of MAZDA - Med

If there was a "Like" button on here i would be pressing it to the above post. Whilst on the funny side, it's true in the meaning of it!!

WARNING !!!!! Stay well CLEAR of MAZDA - Med

I can't believe after wanting a "like" button, there is one now!

Mazda 6 - Petrol or Diesel - Avant

I've yet to see anyone complaining about major problems with petrol Mazdas - indeed, there are very few about any petrol-powered Japanese cars. Some diesel Mazda 6s are clearly problematic, even for users with moderate, rather than low, mileages.

I've consulted HJ himself about this issue and he asks us all to use moderate language and to substantiate any complaints we may have. Not only is this a better way to get results, but it's important as we have to be very careful for legal reasons about what is said in the public domain, which of course this forum is. But we all understand how frustrating an unreliable car can be, particularly if we bought it thinking it was a make with a good reputation.

Mr D'Ivor, I'd say a petrol Mazda 6 would be best for your moderate mileage, although if I were you I'd look at the Skoda Octavia as well, perhaps the 1.8 petrol.

Mazda 6 - Petrol or Diesel - injection doc

petrol 100 on a Mazda

the Mazda 6 diesel engines are now suffering serious issues with timing chain failure AND blocked oil strainers at very low milages ! this is on top of the DPF issues !

Google blocked oil strainers on Mazda 6 engines and siezed crank shafts

I have seen several last week alone on my daily visits around garages !

Turbo11 youir wrong these are poor units with very poor support from Mazda

Mazda 6 - Petrol or Diesel - daveyK_UK

Timing chain problem on the Mazda 6 diesels is now a bigger issue than the DPF.

It is certain to affect re-sale values; one dog of a engine for the trade to avoid on mass.

Mazda 6 - Petrol or Diesel - davecooper

I am on my second Mazda and should the forthcoming test drive of the new 3 (2.0 petrol Skyactive) fare well, then I will be ordering my third. I have had nothing but 100% reliability and 100% satisfaction with the dealers so far. However, I have always had petrols as I prefer them to drive for the kind of motoring I do. Maybe the problem is with an unfortunate combination of a Mazda Diesel bought from a bad dealer. At the moment I am a very satisfied Mazda owner.

Mazda 6 - Petrol or Diesel - Bobbin Threadbare

Same here - 2 Mazdas in a row, both petrols (on very different type cars) and probably my next one will be another Mazda (another body shape!). No issues at all.

Mazda 6 - Petrol or Diesel - daveyK_UK

Its definalty a diesel engine issue, Mazda petrola are generally ok.

Dealers are simply following the lead from Mazda head office, which is be as useless and as un-interested as possible.

It does not inspire confidence in buying a Mazda, for if they where to have a major common problem develop with the new skyactiv engine range, you would not have much faith in them putting it right and helping customers.

It puts me off buying a mazda compared to a Toyota or Honda who have excellent customer service and often go beyond what I would consider a duty of care.


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