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Hope someone can help. I lost all of my accessories last week driving home, wipers, lights, heater etc. Fortunately I was only a few yards from my house when it happened. Went to start my car the next day and all was fineturned it around in my drive to unload some things then went to start again, turning over very slowly, battery nigh on dead. Tested alternator on the vehicle running after re-charging the battery, voltmeter read only 12.5 and did not go up at all whilst cranking engine. At fast rev's it still only read about the same. Decided I would replace the alternator but as money is a little tight to say the least I got one from a scrappy, had it tested though at a friendly parts store and all was fine. Fitted alternator (very pleased with myself!) took for drive all working fine, left running for a bit so that I could take a reading off the battery after to see if all was indeed fine. Unfortunately the car stalled whilst I was inside (had actually forgotten I'd left it running, oops, a bit blonde!) But I used the voltmeter on the battery with engine off and it only read 5V. Thinking alternator probably hadn't been a problem in the first place I replaced the battery as it was several years old and was desperate to have the car ready for work next morning (clutching at straws now) Anyway, all was fine for about 40 miles of driving, stopping, starting up again, heater on at times, wipers on at times etc. Then last night the whole car died when approaching a very busy roundabout! Engine died, all electrics, dash lights, everything. Am at a loss now, have tested alternator with car idling and at about 2000rpm ish and it still only reads about 12.5 so I think battery is just not getting the charge, but don't think it's the alternator as I did have it tested. One thing I did notice is that before I fitted the new battery the battery read 10V, after running around with it on for half an hour I disconnected it took a reading again and it said 12, which suggests to me that it must have got a charge from somewhere?? Also, I have noticed a strange erratic ticking noise occasionally under the bonnet, sounds as if it's comming somewhere from the back (windscreen side) of the engine comaprtment, don't know if this is relevant. ANY help would be very very much appreciated!!

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Citroen AX 1.0L '96 - No Charging Problem -Citroen AX - Peter D

A new battery should read at least 12v. 10 volts is very strange. with the engine running the battery voltage should read 13.5 to 14.25 volts with no load and with heaters on and all lights you should still get at least 13.25 volts at 2000 rpm. Assuming the cabling and earth straps are all good then it is pointing to the alternator. How do you think the parts store tested the alternator. What is the ignition light on the dash doing. Regards Peter

Citroen AX 1.0L '96 - No Charging Problem -Citroen AX - Peter.N.

I would agree with Peter D, your new battery should have read at least 12 volts and with the engine running 14 + volts, assuming the alternator is connected correctly, and its difficult to get it wrong, sounds as though you have a duff one.

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The alternator is excited ( needs a voltage applied for a short time to get it going ) via a separate contact on the ignition switch, it could be that the switch contacts are intermittent or broken.

Connect your test meter to the battery then start the engine, check the voltmeter reading, will be around 12v if not charging & above 14v if charging.

If 12v, try fiddling with the ignition switch & see if the voltage increases to 14v.

When you switch on the ignition without starting does the battery light illuminate on the dash.


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